Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Australia/New Zealand Review-A-Thon - Mars Bar "Honeycomb Flavour"

Yesterday I mentioned that there are bars that I find when I travel that I'm not sure are exclusive, or ever created, in the place where I bought them.  This problem only increases when the bar in question is "new" or a "special edition".  In these cases I'm even less sure about the size of the distribution, and even when I get back home I'm not sure if maybe I'd missed the release of this bar while away.  This treat falls into this category, although I have a hint that it's probably an Australian thing, and that's the use of honeycomb.  While I'm pretty sure honeycomb wasn't invented in Australia (or New Zealand for that matter), they do love the stuff.  So that's why I'm sure, but not 100%, that this bar is probably an Australian bar.

Click here to read the special edition (Australian I hope) Mars Bar.


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