Monday, January 21, 2013

OZ/NZ Epic Trip Roundup - Part 1 - Airport Finds

Every time I visit an airport I always find myself blown away by the treats available at the duty free shops.  The treats in these shops are like nothing else, they're extravagant, expensive, and found in displays no other shop keeper in the world would even consider putting in their store. I'm not really sure who buys these treats, except business men that forgot to get their kids a present from the business trip they just finished.  While on my epic Australian journey I visited no less than 7 airports, and I discovered some pretty cool, and grossly overpriced treats with crazy fancy displays.
I mean who could resist a giant Oreo tin, shaped like an Oreo.  Judging by the weight of this tin I'm guessing that you get about 3 cookies.
So you're looking to buy a giant Toblerone bar, but you're not sure how to get it home.  Well the folks at Toblerone have you covered with this stylish handle.  Although I'm not sure if this bar is too big for carry on, so you may have to check it.
Now I'm not really sure that "Red Kangaroo Essence" is a candy or treat,  in fact, I'm completely boggled as to what one might do with this at all.  Ladies, are you attracted to a man with the musk of a marsupial?
I'd be really disappointed to receive this as a gift.  I'd see it from a distance and hope that it wasn't a box of chocolates, but instead I would want a giant square of Dairy Milk chocolate.  Why would you tease someone like this?
I just like the idea of Oreos so large, that you could fly a plane with them.
M&M's have these life sized displays in airports all over the world, but this one in Singapore's Changi airport is the first one that's ever made me chuckle out loud.  It's a fairly obscure joke to those that may not be familiar with obscure Asian fruit (the durian), and I'm not sure if they have hedgehogs in Singapore.  So this joke might be specific to the very well traveled.
I'm convinced that Toblerone sells more chocolate in airports than they do anywhere else in the world.  I'm also convinced that you'd have a hard time finding an international airport anywhere in the world that doesn't sell Toblerone.  Airports are often the only place where you can find the many varieties of Toblerone as well. On this trip I discovered the new Crunchy Almond variety of Toblerone.  I was going to buy one but they only came in ridiculously huge sizes and cost more than I could imagine spending on a chocolate bar.
While these donuts weren't anything special, after flying for 18 hours straight, they did make me happy.
Another example of those crazy M&M's guys up to their shenanigans again.  I wonder what the strangest situation these guys have ever been posed into doing?  Peeing like Manneken Pis, dressed as a priest in the Vatican, maybe dressed a showgirl in Vegas.
While visiting the many shops in Changi airport in Singapore, I noticed something really strange. None of the stores carried any form of gum.  Then I remembered that gum was in fact illegal in Singapore, because of the mess that people left behind.  Can you imagine how bad it must have been (or is, we only stopped over in Singapore and didn't make it out of the airport), to ban anybody from chewing gum?  For chewing gum you can be fined anywhere from 500 to 2000 US dollars.
Once again with our friends at Toblerone, they have the most amazing displays, and in this case the most unconventional displays.  What you have here is a series of buttons that play "Swiss" sound effects.  Everything from a St Bernard to yodelers.  I'm not sure how this sells chocolate, but who am I to argue, I spent 5 minutes playing with it and listened to all of the sounds at least twice.
While I didn't find this particular ad in an airport, it was outside an airport, and I found it very amusing.  Although I'm not sure the image of a man in a really small, tight, bathing suit is the best way to sell fruit flavoured candies.


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