Friday, January 04, 2013

Got Me a Free Meat Pie Today

Due to a technical error with our luggage, our flight attendant thought that Allison and I deserved some free vitals.  She recommended the meat pie, and we thought it was just what the doctor ordered.  While I can't say anything bad about the taste of the meat pies on Virgin Australia, I don't believe they make for good airline food.

First of all, pies are generally very hot, and this one is no exception.  So you find yourself cutting into little bits to try and cool it down.  This is generally no problem, except for the lack of space one has to eat this pie.  This leads to the center of your pie staying very hot no matter how you cut it up.  There's also the problem of inadequate utensils.  Airlines, such as Virgin Australia, only offer plastic knives and forks in airplanes.  Most pie crusts, including this one, are very difficult to get through without a decent blade.

Finally if I have to go cliché on this pie, it was way to tasty for airplane food.  Maybe it's better to say that this pie tasted a little too home baked to work with the normally mediocre quality that I expect from airplane food.

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