Friday, January 04, 2013

I Try An Anzac Cookie

A few years ago I was watching Master Chef Australia (the best of all the Master Chefs if you ask me), and one of the contestants made something called an Anzac Cookie.  All I knew about "Anzacs" at that point was that it had something to do with the Australian military.  I was baffled about how it could be associated with a cookie.  As soon as I found out that I was coming to Australia I knew I wanted to try one of these cookies.

My first education on this subject actually came from a visit to the Anzac memories in Sydney.  There I learned that Anzac stood for "Australia New Zealand Army Corp". Today however I got to finally sample an Anzac cookie.  It basically tastes like a buttery oatmeal cookie.  It wasn't anything special really, but it was really nice to solve the mystery.

I imagine that the name came about because maybe these were the variety of cookie found in military ration kits.  But I could be wrong.

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