Friday, January 04, 2013


I'm not sure if this McFlurry is a failure on the part of the person making it or on the part of McDonald's Australia.  I ordered a caramel cookie McFlurry and what I got was a caramel ice cream sundae with cookie bits on top.  There was no mixing or swirling of the ingredients at all.  On the defence of the guy who made it, I didn't see a McFlurry swirling machine anywhere in the McDonald's either.

It's not that the dessert was lame, in fact the amount of cookie and caramel was perfect.  It's just that the whole point of a Mcflurry is to mix it up.  I should also point out that they also sold sundaes as well.  So why would I even order a McFlurry, if all I'm getting is a sundae?  The spirit of the dessert was totally lost.


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