Friday, January 04, 2013

Greasiest Hash Brown Ever

While awaiting our flight in Sydney airport, Allison and I decided to pick up a little breakfast.  Since we've been living off McDonald's breakfasts for the last few days we decided to try something different.  We came across a place called Red Rooster and thought it would be a fine choice.  They had a few breakfast sandwiches and wraps, to choose from, and each came with a drink and hash brown on the side.

The meal wasn't great, but the hash brown was particularly shocking.  The photo below was taken less than one minute after getting the hash brown.  It was easily the greasiest hash brown I've ever seen.  Even the large bag that our food came in was covered in grease.  While I never object to greasy food, there is a limit to the amount of grease one should have in any deep fried food.  I think a little draining might have helped the situation.


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