Friday, January 04, 2013

Not Exactly Right

Here in New Zealand the most popular cereal brand, Sanitarium, makes a cereal called Weet-Bix.  And from what I understand it is the most popular cereal in the whole country.  The cereal is made up of whole wheat flakes compressed into square logs.  I'm sure by this point many of you have noticed that this cereal is very similar to a popular cereal sold in North America and Europe known as Wheat-a-Bix.

There is a very slight difference in the size and texture of the wheat flakes, but they are pretty similar.  The question then comes, who invented them first.  Is this just the folks at Wheat-a-Bix selling their recipe to another company in another county to expand their market, or is this some kind of rip off. You,d think if any company was ripping off another they'd at least change the name to something completely different.  So, who's to blame.


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