Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tim Tam Appreciation Week Part 2 - The Many Varieties Of Tim Tams

When Tim Tams were first invented, it was a simple idea, a couple of cookies with cream in the center, covered in chocolate.  Today the milk chocolate variety of Tim Tam is still available, but now there are many more varieties to choose from.  Arnott's has done a wonderful job with these many varieties as well, they're both true to the spirit of the original cookie, yet creative with some of their selections of fillings.
The first, and most obvious change you could make to a Tim Tam would be to change the type of chocolate used.  I imagine this is probably the first varieties of Tim Tams that came onto the market.  They're still available today in white chocolate and dark chocolate.  I can't blame them for making these obvious, and not very creative varieties, since they're pretty much guaranteed to work fairly well.  In fact I enjoyed the dark chocolate variety more than the milk chocolate, but you can read more about that in my review.

The next step in making variations to this cookie was to change the filling.  This is were I feel the folks at Arnott's have excelled and turned this cookie into something even more spectacular.  With fillings range from a basic chewy caramel, to strange fillings like honeycomb and Turkish delight  these fillings explore so many  textures and flavours.  Best of all there's a great deal of attention spent on making sure the texture and flavour of these fillings works perfectly.  The caramel is chewy, instead of gooey, and with the cream and cookie it make a perfect combination.  The flavoured jams are also chewy and not too soft, this insures that when you bite into the cookie you won't have goo shooting out the sides.
Arnott's has obviously thought a great deal about the types of fillings they put into a Tim Tam.  Many candy companies have ruined their treats by adding and subtracting ingredients, but I'm convinced that Arnott's may have actually improved upon their original cookie.


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