Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tim Tam Appreciation Week Part 3 - The Tim Tam Slam

When most non-Australians eat Tim Tams for the first time, they're not always impressed.  It starts off with the fact that every Australian they know has probably hyped up this treat beyond words.  But there's something else important to know about the the Tim Tam, and that's how to eat it.

Before leaving for Australia I asked for suggestions for treats that I must try while on my trip, one person suggested to me that I had to drink some hot tea through a Tim Tam cookie.  I was mostly confused by this, but also a little nervous.  I was confused because I didn't really know what she meant by drinking my tea through a cookie, and I was nervous because the Tim Tams I'd had in the past didn't really impress me (you can read my old Tim Tam review here).

I got over the fear of bad Tim Tams when I'd sampled the dark chocolate variety, but you can read more about that here.  The confusion was still a problem, so I decided to just take the idea literally. For the first cookie I thought that it would be a good idea to bite the ends off before I started to suck my tea through it.  While the shortened cookie got tea flowing through the cookie quickly, it was really short and difficult to get one into the tea and one end in my mouth at the same time.
I decided for my second cookie that I would just dip both ends of the cookie into the tea to get them started, and be patient sucking.  It was a great success and quickly I was rewarded with a slightly chcocolaty tea.  It didn't even take much longer to get the tea through the cookie as when I first attempted it with the ends bitten off.
As you can imagine, after having a great deal of hot liquid racing through a cookie, the condition of  the cookie is not great.  In fact in a mater of minutes your Tim Tam will be a sticky mess all over your fingers.  While very messy, drinking a hot beverage through your Tim Tam actually improves the flavor and texture of the Tim Tams greatly.  This is truly a brilliant idea, and the best way to eat a Tim Tam.


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