Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Candy and Snack Related Super Bowl Commercials

This OREO commercial is pretty much the perfect example of everything I hate about many Superbowl commercials.  While the first few seconds is fun, people whisper arguing over which part of the OREO is better, it escalates into stupid remarkably fast.  While I'm not against escalating silliness, I am when it's nonsensical   For example, why does that one guy push the shelves over, and why don't the police show up with the fire department.  These, along with a few other details derail the whole escalating fight/debate over the subject of whether or not the cream or the cookie is the better part of the OREO.  There is also very little visuals of actual cookies, so it doesn't make me want to eat a cookie for any reason.  Finally, why is this even a debate, the cream is obviously the most important part of an OREO.


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