Friday, February 01, 2013

Tim Tam Appreciation Week Part 5 - Will I Re-Review The Tim Tam Milk Chocolate?

When I stepped into my first grocery store in Australia, and walked into the cookie isle, I was instantly swept up  into some kind of Tim Tam fever.  I started to re-think the fact that I had given the milk chocolate Tim Tams a poor review in the past.  I even started making up excuses as to why I didn't like them at the time.  I suggested that maybe the Tim Tams I had tasted were not made in Australia (I bought them in Japan), or maybe they don't import well.  I really got caught up in all the Tim Tam hype that happens you're on an epic trip.
Then I came back home with a bag of regular Tim Tams.  I decided I would re-look at what I thought about these cookies.  I tried the Tim Tam Slam, I sampled the many varieties, and I've tried dunking them in several drinks, but as a coookie alone, my opinion doesn't really change that much.  The plain milk chocolate Tim Tams, on their own, isn't really the best cookie I've ever eaten in my life.

I mentioned this to a friend, and she told me "As a biscuit not so special,but dipped in coffee...heavenly!"  This is the perfect way to describe a Tim Tam (although you can pretty much substitute "coffee" with any hot drink).  I'm sorry if I offend any Australians out there, but I just can't bring myself to "love" plain milk chocolate Tim Tams.  I will admit that some of the different varieties of Tim Tams are better, but it's not the best cookie I've ever eaten, at least on its own.

So I will not change my review, but I will mention right here, if you want to really understand a Tim Tam, dip it in some hot liquid.


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