Monday, March 18, 2013

This Week In Candy

This week we're making chocolate from scratch.  Notice I didn't say "chocolates" with an "s", I said chocolate.  The folks that make Glee Gum, this weeks featured review, sent us a kit that allows you make milk chocolate from it's basic ingredients.  So instead of just melting down some already formed chocolate, we took the various ground ingredients, cocoa butter, and strange crystals to make some pretty tasty little treats.  It also made the house smell spectacular.

We're also still working on our popcorn articles, but having some trouble tracking down some oils.  Palm oil and coconut oil are very hard to find in our neck of the woods.  We'll keep searching, however we might have to limit our test for now.

Finally, if you're of the Greek Orthodox religion you're now in the time of Lent.  Someone explained the rules to me and said that you can't eat anything with a face.  So I'm sorry to say that means that gummy bears are off limits.  Both because they contain gelatin, and they have cute little faces.


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