Friday, May 24, 2013

Candy News

Have you ever thought of making your own sprinkles?  Well now you can.

Taco Bell's new breakfast taco waffle looks like it could take the world by storm.

As it turns out, how often you eat candy is not a reason that you may be overweight, but I'm pretty sure how much you eat might do something.

The folks at Nutella don't want us to celebrate World Nutella Day, and why would they?  It's only a time for us to buy and consume more of their product.

The growing trend in Swedish candy "medicated confectionery".

Do you know what "theobromine" is?  Well if you want to eat more chocolate you should learn more.

This past week I got an awesome shipment of treats from Japan, and some of them look pretty fascinating   I can only hope they're as cool as this.

If I had to learn one new language that I felt would improve my work as a Candy Critic, I think it might be Aztec.

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