Friday, July 19, 2013

Candy News

So you think you're a lollipop expert, well here's a few facts you may or may not know.

If you know your flavours of ice cream and your paint colours really well, this quiz should be no problem for you.

Everyone loves a good fizzy drink now and then, and here's why.

For once North America has created a chocolate trend that's making its way over to Europe, bean to bar.

The past week Twinkies made a triumphant return, Walmart even got an exclusive early release in some places.

There may be a limit to the size one can make a Whoopie Pie, but it has yet to be surpassed.

Watch out Cronut, the Frozen S'more is coming to New York.

The strangest ice cream flavour I've ever tried was raw garlic and chocolate, what's the strangest flavour you've ever tried?

Many great foods came about by accident, chocolate chip cookies, and Popsicles just to name a couple.

Whenever I think of Cadbury chocolate, I always have pipe organ music going through my head, don't you?

I bet you thought that the Slurpee was invented by the folks at 7-11, well you'd be wrong.

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