Monday, July 22, 2013

Put It On a Stick And Review It

I'm not sure if this is a trend that I've just discovered, or if it's a new up and coming trend, but lollipops seem to really be making a comeback.  Best of all, it appears that handcrafted lollipops are really making a comeback, and the big boys in the candy industry should be keeping an eye open.  I'm hoping that this trend starts to grow, and we see more and more candy companies coming up with really creative and smart lollipop flavour combinations.  I've been lucky enough to sample quite a few lately, and I'm eager to sample even more.  If you make handcrafted lollipops, and you think you have some creative flavours, let me know (like the folks at did) because I'd love to help promote your candy cause.

Click here to read my latest lollipop review.


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