Friday, October 04, 2013

Candy News

Black licorice, love it or hate it?  The Finnish people love it, and they love it more when it's extreme.

Drunk guy eats popcorn at a football game, hilarity ensues.

Here's a great list of 65 Amazing Facts from Mental Floss, and there are a few candy related ones worth mentioning.

The history of candy, and why you think it's bad for you.  This is a must read for candy fanatics whom are constantly defending the health problems associated with sweet treats.

If you think I don't ever publish articles that are against candy, you can always read this article convincing us that a candy tax is necessary to keep our children safe.

Huffington Post published the "The Best 25 Candy Bars Of All Time", but keep in mind they're all American, and they're missing some pretty great smaller candy companies.

If your name is "Fudge" and you steal ice cream, you're pretty much asking for a headline in the newspaper.

According to a recent study, shape can make you're chocolate taste better.  But it's still no excuse to make it smaller.

The story of how William Wrigley Jr. became a gum super star is pretty impressive.

Here are some facts about the words "Fat Free" that's all over that healthy food you're eating.

Did you know that people still bootleg things other than DVDs?  Say for example... Maple syrup?

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