Friday, December 13, 2013

Candy News

Because it appears that each "Candy News" post leading up to Christmas needs more Gingerbread links:  Here's some Sci-Fi Gingerbread, and here's the world's largest gingerbread house.  Also, if you've ever wondered how much gingerbread it would take to rebuild your own home, here's a calculator to figure it out.

More people are eating chocolate than ever before, particularly the dark stuff.

Chocolate isn't the only classic treat to be trending right now, licorice is apparently pretty hot too.

Did you know how much theaters are over charging for popcorn, you may not want to know.

When North American candy gets imported to foreign countries, you can only hope that awesome variations are coming soon.

Did you know that Portland is now considered  the "nation’s epicenter of artisan chocolate-making"? Maybe there's good reason.

Remember that Nutella bar I talked about last week?  Well apparently it was so popular that they had to shut it down, because everything sold out.

Speaking of Nutella, most people assume that the stuff is Italian, but actually it's a pretty global product.

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