Monday, August 04, 2014

Falling in Love With CozyShack Again

The last time I was in Canada was more than two years ago.  It was a short visit and I really didn't get more than a few minutes to visit a grocery store.  Even when I did, I didn't have the opportunity to buy anything that wouldn't survive a seven hour flight.  So during this shop we passed right by the dairy case and completely missed the CozyShack pudding.

This time however I'm staying in Canada for a while, and I've got a refrigerator at my disposal, so no section of any grocery stores are being passed by.  More importantly I didn't skip the CozyShack pudding.  I tried a new variety, cinnamon and raisin rice pudding, and it totally holds up to the CozyShack standards.  I'm not moving back to Canada permanently, but I am here for a while, so you can surely bet I will be sampling more CozyShack before I leave.


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