Monday, August 04, 2014

Bad Tim Hortons' Bags

Dear Tim Hortons,

Congratulations on all of your recent doughnut and doughnut related innovations.  I've been away from Canada for the last 2.5 years, and when visiting your restaurant recently I was delighted by some of the new sweet treats available.  You prove to me that large corporations are still able to create new sweet treats that are both tasty and creative.  I do however have one big problem with you.
While for years you've been innovating the doughnut, it seems that you've forgotten about innovating the way doughnuts are delivered to your customers.  While small paper bags are fairly environmentally friendly, and I assume fairly inexpensive, they don't work at all for most of your treats.  Many of your treats feature some kind of icing or glaze, some (like the special edition Oreo doughnut I enjoyed) have very fancy decorative icings. When placed into a small paper bag, not only is the decoration ruined, but much of it ends up stuck at the bottom of the bag.

I often find myself pathetically trying to peel bits of icing off of the paper bag, with little gratification.  The longer I take to eat my doughnut, the worse this icing issue becomes.  While I don't have a solution for you, I think that you really should invest some research dollars towards this problem.  Why waste money innovating new doughnut varieties if the final presentation will often be destroyed by the bag.


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