Friday, October 17, 2014

Candy In The Media

All this month on the Candy In The Media segment of the Candy Critic blog we're going to look at candy themed games for tablets.  All of the games will be tested on my Nexus 7 tablet running Android Kit Kat.  Keep in mind that I'm not really a gamer, so my past experience is pretty minimal.  I'll mainly be focusing on how easy it is to play, how it incorporates candy, and any tech issues that may come up.  We welcome your suggestions for games you think we should try out on future posts.
This week's candy themed game was one that is fairly popular with many people, but one I've never actually tried myself.  Actually the Hidden Object Candy version of the game may not be the most popular, but the "Hidden Objects" style of game is very popular right now.  That would explain why there are hundreds of variations to this game, with all kinds of themes.  This is but one version of this game, and as you'll read later on, I don't really understand why they even bother.
The object of this game is to find random stuff.  A picture comes up on your tablet with a pile of random things loosely attached to the picture and you have to find (and click on) specific objects hidden amongst the clutter.  A few of the objects interact with the background, or at the very least are themed appropriately.  Most objects are completely random and are just floating within the picture for no particular reason.  You get a time limit to find the objects, and then you get a bonus round to fine even more.  I can see how the concept of this game may work, but I don't really think this version works at all.

My biggest problem with this game is the randomness.  The randomness of where the things are sitting on the screen, as well as the randomness of the objects themselves.  Most of the objects that you search for have no relation to candy whatsoever, they're just random objects.  While the backgrounds are candy themed, the hidden objects don't really belong in the pictures for the most part, and when they are integrated they're nonsensical. To me it seems like the candy theme of this came is just thrown in with no effort.  I'm guessing if the candy theme was pulled off a bit better, I may have enjoyed the game a lot more. As it stands I've played it 3 times, and that's probably it for me.


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