Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Cool Candy Thing - Halloween Costume Eddition

I generally dislike the idea of dressing a baby up for Halloween.  It probably stems from the fact that I don't really like dressing up for Halloween, and I believe that stems from bad childhood memories.  I'm not really sure the specifics for my dislike of dressing up for Halloween, but it leads me to find most babies costumes to be kind of creepy.  The saving grace of this costume is the double meaning, Sugar Babies being a real candy (for those outside of the US).  While I don't have any children, and if I did I wouldn't dress them up for Halloween until they were old enough to eat the candy themselves, I do appreciate the humor in this costume. So if you really feel the need to dress up your baby this Halloween, I think ironic candy costumes are the new thing, or at least they should be.


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