Wednesday, December 03, 2014

A Cool Christmas Gingerbread Thing

There are really two ways to look at these gingerbread house molds.  You can see them as cheating, I mean you don't have to cut any gingerbread, or create any textures using icing with these molds.  All you have to do is jam you gingerbread into them, bake, and in no time you'll have the pieces for a detailed and textured gingerbread house.  You also don't have to worry about cutting your pieces perfectly.  How many times have you had to fix a gingerbread house on the fly because you made one wall too short?  So maybe these are the cheaters way, but maybe they're also a door to a really creative candy neighborhood.

Why not make a gingerbread house, then make a jelly house, and next to that a chocolate house.  These silicon molds don't limit you to just one material, you can make a house out of anything you like. At the very least out of something that goes fairly solid.  And why limit yourself to desserts, why not take a little mashed potato, and bake these in the oven till the mashed potato goes hard?  There's really lots of choices for you to make the tastiest neighborhood in your neighborhood


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