Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Wish They Still Made It - Part 2 - Organic Candy Floss "Canadian Maple" by Pure Fun

Of all of the discontinued treats we're featuring this week, this is the one I'm most sad about.  The main reason I'm sad about this treat is that I'm most certain that I will never get to try this again.  Made by the Canadian candy company Pure Fun, this maple syrup cotton candy was perfect.  It was one of the most creative flavours of cotton candy that I'd ever tried.  I thought it was creative since cotton candy is essentially just spun sugar, it was really clever to use a different sugar to flavour it.  This leads me to wonder why we don't have a brown sugar or honey flavoured cotton candy as well.

The reason I'm sure I'll never try this again, Pure Fun the company that made it went out of business.  It's not that another company may not choose to try making this, I'm just not certain they can make it as well.  Having said that, if any candy company in the world wants to take on this challenge, please send me a sample and I'll be glad to take this all back.

Now here's my poem:

Maple cotton candy that's second to none,
Made by Canadians, known as Pure Fun.
Not pink, yellow, blue, but instead brown,
The king of cotton candy, you wear the crown.
I at a whole mouthful, I was in bliss,
Maple cotton candy, I will surely miss.

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