Monday, July 27, 2015

Wish They Still Made It - Part 1 - Mars Bar With Almonds

Everyday this week I'm going to look at a treat that is no longer with us, and let you know how sad I am that it's gone.  We're going to start with the Mars Bar with Almonds.  This was probably my favorite of all Mars bars, and one of the few instances where the special edition of a bar was actually better than the original.  This is why I don't understand why it's not made anymore.  They have released a Snicker's bar with almonds that's supposed to be similar to the Mars bar, but not exactly the same.  I haven't tried this Snicker's bar, but I can't imagine it being exactly the same as a Snickers bar is very different than a Mars bar.

I'm not sure exactly when this bar was discontinued, but it was a sad day in the candy world.  I hope that one day the folks at Mars will realize the necessity of having nuts in the Mars bar, and that Almonds are not only a creative choice, but a tasty one as well.

I've written a poem about the loss of this great bar:

Mars bar with almonds of which I am fond,
I'm really sad that you are now gone.
You gave a classic a wonderful crunch,
I could eat you for breakfast, or even lunch.
I have a dream on this very night,
That I could have even one more bite.

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