Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Bad Candy Ideas? - Part 2 - Edible Styrofoam

Everyday this week I'm posting about one of the worst ideas in the candy world that I've ever come across.  This is one of the rare occasions that I'm going to say that I love the idea of eating styrofoam.  While I really believe the idea of making a candy that has the same texture and flavour as styrofoam is a bad idea, for some reason I was addicted to these disk things for a while.  I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the sour powder inside, as I sampled a different variety of these disks later on with small sweet pellets inside and they were hideous.

So here's my final opinion on candy that taste and looks like styrofoam.  Unless you happen to fill it up with the perfect filling, and chances are you're not, then it's generally a very disturbing food to eat.  Edible styrofoam could also be dangerous. What if you where on an edible styrofoam eating frenzy because for some reason you really like the stuff, then you came across a box filled with packing peanuts (note they're not actually peanuts), you might eat the whole box.  I assume that eating a box of packing peanuts can't be good for you.

I should note that this particular candy like substance has one thing very different than styrofoam, it melts in your mouth.  I assume that styrofoam does not melt in your mouth, and therefore isn't as much fun to eat.

Click here to read the very short review about these Styrofoam disks.


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