Monday, August 03, 2015

Bad Candy Ideas? - Part 1 - Old Man Pubic Hair

Everyday this week I'm posting about one of the worst ideas in the candy world that I've ever come across.  Today I'm going to talk about facial hair.  More to the point, an old man's facial hair.  In my opinion, old man facial hair is probably not a good theme for any kind of candy whatsoever.  In this case the problem doesn't focus on the actual taste or texture of the candy, this is all about mind games.  The last thing you want to be thinking about when you eat white cotton candy is an old man's beard.  They look similar sure, but you don't have to draw attention to that fact.

In general, with the exception of some novelty joke candies, simulating human hair in candy seems like a bad idea.  You could make brown chocolate cotton candy, break it up into bits, and call it "Barber Shop Floor", and it probably wouldn't sell very well.  Or maybe it would sell really well, much like that chocolate bar sold in a babies diaper a few years back (that's just wrong).  Either way I don't think that this bag cotton candy really represents the holidays very well, I'd recommend just going for a pooping reindeer instead.

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