Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Bad Candy Ideas? - Part 3 - Chocolate and Cheese

Everyday this week I'm posting about one of the worst ideas in the candy world that I've ever come across. Cheese generally works as a flavour with any salty treat, I can't say I've ever seen it fail on chips, pretzels, or nuts.  Cheese with chocolate on the other hand has yet to work even once.  I've tasted two cheese and chocolate treats and in both cases it failed miserably.  I'm not saying I don't want to ever see another cheese and chocolate treat again for the rest of my life.  I'm just going to go into each and every cheese and chocolate snack I try in the future with a little trepidation.

Fortunately until now I've never seen cheese paired with any other candy type, except ice cream.  I didn't have the chance to sample cheddar cheese ice cream, but that might work since they're both milky.  I imagine that cheese flavoured rock candy, or cheese flavoured gum probably wouldn't work that well.  Could cheese in fact be most sweet candies Kryptonite?  Is there any sweet/cheesy combination that would work?

I have two cheese and chocolate reviews, one here, and one here.


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