Thursday, August 06, 2015

Bad Candy Ideas? - Part 4 - Fish Flavoured Anything

Everyday this week I'm posting about one of the worst ideas in the candy world that I've ever come across.  When it comes to salty snacks, I consider myself to have a pretty wide pallet as far as what I like.  I'm not a huge fan of spicy things, but generally I enjoy the taste, but not the burning sensation.  The one exception to this is anything that tastes like fish.  From prawn crackers to fish flavoured potato chips, I have never had a fish snack that I've enjoyed.

I think the biggest problem with fish flavoured treats is the fact that fish itself is a very subtle flavour.  Often when you're eating a strong flavoured fish, it's gone bad.  Fish flavoured snacks are always really strongly flavoured in order to compete with the potato, peanut, or cracker that it's flavouring.  So every time I bite into a fish themed snack it feels like I'm eating rotten fish.  I'm not saying that a fish flavoured snack is impossible, it just takes a great deal of care with flavour balance to get it right, and I don't think anyone has accomplished this yet.

Click here to read about one such horrible fish treat.


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