Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A "For My Birthday" Candy Thing

March 5th is my birthday, and I love getting things (hey candy companies if you want to get on my good side).  I've decided that every Wednesday, till my birthday, I'm going to post something candy related that I'd really like to get for my birthday.  It's not really a hint, but I'd be really thankful...

This first gift ideas is something that brings back memories for me, both good and bad. When I was a kid Wonka had an offer for a certain amount of money, and several Nerds box tops, they would send you an I Love Nerds t-shirt.  Being a candy fan back then, I saved up my box tops and my allowance.  As soon as I had enough money and box tops saved, I mailed away the form, and waited... and waited... and waited. I wasn't just waiting though, I was also a growing boy.  So after waiting a long time, and growing several inches, my t-shirt came.

As you would imagine, the shirt was too small for me.  I was pretty bummed about it, and I stuffed my I Love Nerds shirt in the bottom of my drawer.  As I grew up, and moved several times, including out of my house, that I Love Nerds shirt kept appearing at the bottom of my drawers, only to be put on the bottom of my new t-shirt drawer.  I still love the shirt, and remember how hard it was to save up for that shirt.  To this day, I still have the shirt.  I have no plans to give it away, but  a part of me really wants to replace it, at least with some kind of Nerds t-shirt.  I can't imagine that I'll ever have another I Love Nerds shirt, but I'd be really happy if at least for a while, I could wear a Nerds shirt at some point in my life.


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