Monday, February 15, 2016

This Week In Candy

It's the day after Valentine's Day, and the Stewart household is celebrating something else, today is my father's birthday.  My whole family is very supportive of what I do, but if I had to give credit to any of them for sparking my interest in sweet foods, it's my father.  When I was a kid my father used to take me and my sister out for walks.  Walks were a very important part of our lives, and we would spend hours exploring Toronto, or St Catherines (in Canada).  The reason these walks affect my love of sweets is because my father would always make a stop at the local corner store with us and make sure we had plenty of snacks for the road.  While my father was always a fan of the salty snack, I would always go for the sweet snacks.  We would fill up on treats, and walk around town for ours.  We would explore these two cities, and also explore what was new in the candy world.  To this day I still love walking, and I obviously love candy, a great deal of this comes from these walks that I took with my father when I was a kid.

After that deep note, guess what?  We're not home right now, and if you had my home phone number you'd have to leave a message after the "beep".  As we've mentioned before, we're in Thailand right now.  As of writing this, I'm not really sure what the weather is going to be like, or what the food is going to be like, so this trip might be amazing, or it might be really crappy.  When we get back home I'll make sure to write up a full report, but for now I'm sure we're just exploring this awesome Asian country.

What comes with us being in Thailand?  We'll first of all, Snack Facts is on the road.  Rather than post our regular daily Snack fact on our Instagram feed, we're going to post crazy fun things we discover about snacks as we travel through Thailand.  That means that some days you're going to get a million fun Thai snack facts, and other days maybe none.  It all really depends on what I find, and my current internet connection. Make sure to check out our Thailand Snack Facts on our Instagram feed, Facebook page, or Twitter feed.

Along with the Snack Facts on the road, being away means that we're not going to be adding new reviews while we're gone.  I'm pretty sure however that we'll have some amazing new Thai candies to review when we get back, and maybe even a review-a-thon.


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