Monday, February 08, 2016

Super Bowl 50's Candy and Junk Food Commercials

This year's collection of Super Bowl commercials is not the best I've ever seen.  It seems like the Super Bowl commercials are becoming a genera into themselves.  It used to be that Super Bowl commercials were innovative and creative, now they're just strange, shocking, and kind of boring.  It's been a few years since I've been blown away by a Super Bowl ad.  It could be a lack of creativity, fear from brands that invest big money into these commercials, or the fact that I'm an old man now.  Most likely it's the latter.

Just because they didn't impress me, doesn't mean I'm not going to post them.  Here's all of the candy/junk food related commercials I could find from this year's line up.  Since I didn't watch the game I'm not sure if I've missed any, and I'll ad any new ones if I come across them later.


This is pretty standard, it looks great, but it's not very creative.

Probably the strangest commercial this year.

This might be my favourite commercial, but only because I'm a comic book nerd.


Doritos had some kind of crazy contest where anybody could make a Doritos commercial and the "best" one would have a chance at being played during the Super Bowl.  Here's the three finalist:

Of these three, the Ultrasound commercial is my favorite.

Nothing's better than mixing candy with a rock star's ego.

While it's a funny, the concept of this Snicker's commercial is kind of old.

I'm not sure if this is making fun of extreme commercials or not.

Certainly there are some well made commercials this year.  Could I make a better Super Bowl commercial, probably not, but I'm still a little disappointed.  Maybe next year things will get better (more creative), or maybe the allure of making creative, over the top commercials for the Super Bowl might be going the way of the dodo.


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