Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Valentines Chocolates For Singles

With all of the love, hugs, and warm pink fuzzy things for sale at this time of year, many people often forget about their single friends.  Single people this time of year seem to be put into one of two categories, either they're staunch singles that are militantly happy about being single, or they're depressed about the whole stupid holiday.  I don't think that this is an accurate representation of the single people on Valentine's Day.  I think there are some people out there who are happy to be single, but not violent about it.  I think these people's only complaint is that they can't get a reservation at their favorite restaurant on Valentine's Day.

Instead of casting single people out for this holiday, I think it would be better to invite single people to enjoy this day.  The only way I know how to do this is with candy, since that's my area of expertise.  So, with the help of Allison, we've designed some Valentine's Day chocolates that you can give to your single friends without having to worry about offending them, or giving them the wrong idea.

As with all of my candy ideas, I'm giving them away.  If any candy maker out there wants to make chocolates for singles, and use my designs, it's free.  All I ask is that you send me some to eat, and share with my loving wife.
The first chocolate in this selection is the handshake chocolate.  A box of handshakes is perfect for the person you like, but don't want to cross any kind of line with.  It says that we're friends, and maybe even business associates, but that's all.  A chocolate kiss is way too far, and even a hug might send off the wrong signals, but a handshake is certainly nothing more than a handshake.

For some reason Valentine's Day, and love in general, has some kind of connection with a vital organ in the human body, the heart.  Instead of giving someone a heart shaped chocolate this year, why not go for a kidney instead.  After all, you have two of them, and you can even afford to give it away and you'll still survive.  This tells the receiver of this chocolate that they're close, but not so close that you'd die without them.  It's all of the nice things about the heart without any commitment.

Finally the chocolate cat.  The best thing about the chocolate cat  is you can give them as many chocolate cats as they have real cats in their home.  I'm not saying that all single lonely people have to own cats, I'm just saying that some do.  If your single friend happens to own several cats, why not give them a box of cute cat shaped chocolates, one for each of their own furry little friends.

I think that there is a large demographic of single people on Valentine's Day, and it would be silly for candy companies to miss out on these people.  With these three chocolates alone you could increase your sales by at least a third (I imagine that at least a third of people are single, it's not researched at all).  Most importantly it's a good idea not to alienate, or judge your single friends over this holiday.  Maybe they want chocolate, without a relationship.


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