Wednesday, March 02, 2016

A "For My Birthday" Candy Thing

Over the last few weeks I've been posting Candy Things that I would love to get for my birthday.  No preasure, I mean it's not like I've ever bought you anything.  But if you feel like paying it forward for all of this free candy information I've been giving you, then maybe this would be a great way to do it.

This week I'm posting something that I think would benefit the whole world, a deep fryer.  There are two ways I think this would help the world.  First of all it would insure that I don't cause fires everywhere that I go.  I love deep frying, but at this point I'm strictly a pan deep fryer, and that can be dangerous.  Secondly I'm going to stop people from deep frying stupid things and eating them.  I'd do this by deep frying stupid things, eating them, then posting on the internet why it was such a stupid idea.


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