Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Hey Jelly Belly!!! Some Flavour Ideas - Candy Bars

Candy Bars

So far we've looked at two categories of Jelly Belly flavours that I think should exist, yesterday it was beans based on Japanese snacks, the day before Middle Eastern spices, today it's about working with other candy companies.

I seem to remember Jelly Belly having a few bean crossovers with soft drink brands in the past (and maybe present).  I'm pretty sure I've had a Dr Pepper Jelly Belly before.  I think expanding this idea is a great way to go.  Why stop at drinks, why not work tie inns with other candy brands.  I assume that Jelly Belly isn't really in competition with Kit Kat, as they're completely different kinds of candy.  This difference is what I think would make candy bar themed Jelly Bellies work so well.  I think visually you could decorate the beans with the package colour to make them more distinguishable.

Since it's my favourite candy bar, the first one I'd love to see is a Kit Kat inspired Jelly Belly.  I think the only challenge with this bean would be getting some kind of hint with the texture.  I'm not sure how you could simulate wafer without just adding wafers, but if anybody can do it, the folks at Jelly Belly can.

Snickers has the best option for gimmicks when it comes to making a Jelly Belly.  I think you could give the bean a chocolate/caramel flavour, then instead of adding peanut flavour, why not add real little chunks of real peanuts?  It would ad an interesting texture, and would insure that the peanut flavour was authentic.

Butter Finger would probably be the most difficult of all of these bars to re-create in a Jelly Belly form.  If they were willing, I would suggest that Jelly Belly look to their Canadian neighbours for help.  In Canada there's a similar bar to Butter Finger called Crispy Crunch, the two difference between these bars is the shape, and the nutty quality of the toffee.  The flavour of the Crispy Crunch is just so much nuttier, and I think that's what you'd need to sell the Butter Finger as a Jelly Belly.


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