Monday, February 06, 2017

This Week In Candy

Winter is in full force, and here in Ottawa (where I'm living right now) Winterlude is on.  Winterlude is a celebration of snow and ice, or as I like to call it a desperate attempt to make the cold weather fun.  The good thing is that Ottawa does a great job at making it fun, and after a day of walking around town bundled up, I almost forgot about the fact that I couldn't feel my fingers. One thing that I came across on our Winterlude adventure was a treat that truly represents the cold days of winter, and has no relation to Christmas or Valentine's Day, and that's tire d'érable. Tire d'érable is boiled maple syrup pored on snow and frozen into a tasty treat. I'm not sure if this is a thing anywhere else in the world (Vermont maybe?), but to me it represents winter in Canada perfectly.

Speaking of winter treats, this week we'll be releasing our three winter themed candies we'd like to see.  Check back later this week for our ideas on treats with a winter theme, one of them might even help you out on these cold days.  Today we're going to go through all of those Superbowl commercials, and tomorrow we'll post our favorite candy/snack themed ones.  So far it looks like it's all the regular Superbowl advertisers, and frankly I haven't seen anything that's blown me away, but I have a few more to go through still.

This week's new review is from our friends at Weaver Nut, Sweets, and Snacks. They sent us a box full of interesting treats, but we thought these Pure Milk Chocolate Buttercrunch With Almonds squares looked the most interesting. Check out our review here.


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