Thursday, February 09, 2017

Winter Candies

There's a huge gap in the winter candy market.  In the wintertime there are plenty of Christmas and Valentine's Day candies, but there are very few, maybe no candies that celebrate winter itself.  Being Canadian, and understanding how great winter can be, I've decided to design a few winter candies on my own.  I've had some help from a few of you guys, as well as friends and family (many of whom don't actually read this blog... disappointment).

As always when I come up with candy ideas, these ideas are free for the taking for any candy company that wants to make them.  All I ask in return is a sample of the treat after they're made. If you do make them, and send me some, I can guarantee a review on and likely guarantee a perfect score when it come to novelty.  Now it's time to warm up with some cool winter candies and snacks.

Mulled Wine Gums

I'd like to take credit for coming up with Mulled Wine Gums, but I can't.  I was working with my new friend Jess, and I asked her for ideas for this article.  She instantly blurted out, "Mulled Wine Gums" and I knew that it was a perfect idea.  I'm not that familiar with regular mulled wine, but I know it's huge in Germany, the place where gummies were invented. I'm not saying that it's a coincidence, but I'm also not saying it isn't either.  I think the variety of flavours you could make of these gummies would be limitless, and you could also ad a touch of various citrus flavours as well.

Potato Snowshoes

This is probably the silliest of all of these ideas, but I think it would be really fun too.  I wanted to make sure to include a salty snack with this list, and potato strips in the shape of snowshoes seems perfect.  It could be like those Hickory Stick snacks, only larger, and the shape of snowshoes. You could make all kinds of flavours that remind you of winter, like cool ranch, or BBQ... OK those flavours aren't really winter themed, can you think of a winter themed flavour that would work with a salty snack?

Keep Me Warm Candies

Of all the winter themed treats on this list, this is the one that I think would be the greatest of all. I call them Keep Me Warm Candies, but you can change that if you want.  The premise is really simple, make a candy that warms you up.  The important thing is that the candy isn't "hot", it's just warm.  Also, get away from using normal hot flavours like cinnamon, and use fruit or spice flavours instead. The point is that you could eat these candies, and on a cold day they would warm up your mouth just a little bit, not enough to burn, just a little bit warm.  It's like the anti mint gum.

Winter is here, and we need candy to hold us over until the spring/summer, when there appears to be limitless numbers of treats.  All you candy makers out there have officially been challenged, but if you already have a winter candy let us know. We'd be happy to review it on


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