Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Candy Critic Team Canada Shreddies Olympic Challenge.

During the summer games of 2016 I gave myself a fun little challenge. I promised to stuff gummy bears in my mouth and sing the Canadian national anthem, Oh Canada. How many gummy bears you might ask? I stuffed one gummy bear for every bronze medal, two for every silver, and three for every gold medal Canada won during the summer Olympics.  Well I'm at it again. Once again to celebrate the amazing accomplishments of team Canada I will shove food in my mouth and sing the national anthem.

This year I decided that gummy bears is not the best way to represent team Canada. After all gummy bears were invented in Germany, and don't really represent the true north strong and free. So this year I'm shoving Shreddies cereal in my mouth. Shreddies is a staple cereal in any Canadian household. They're also very dry and full of many sharp corners. I also think that Shreddies will be far more hilarious to watch me shove in my mouth and sing.  So every day I'll be adding to the bowl of Shreddies, and with each medal won the sharp cornered cereal numbers will climb, and my mouth will get dryer and dryer just looking at it.

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