Friday, April 13, 2018

Kit Kat Week Part 3 - Ideas For Kit Kat Flavours That Haven’t Been Made Yet

Having spent the last little while thinking about Kit Kat flavours, I thought it would be fun to brainstorm some ideas for different flavours of Kit Kat bars that haven't been made. I asked some friends to suggest a few flavours, and came up with a few of my own. So here's our list of Kit Kat flavours we'd like to see.  Let us know if there are any flavours you'd like to see, also let us know if we happened to mention a flavour that does exist already.

Here's some basic ideas I think would work:

Fruit salad - It would be awesome if each finger was the flavour of a different fruit.
Fruitcake - The perfect, or worst, Christmas Kit Kat idea.
Honey 'n' Oat - I love this idea (contributed by my friend Willy), I think it would work particularly well if you used whole rolled oats.
Buttered Popcorn - I stole this idea from Jelly Belly, it worked for them so it could work for Kit Kat.
Jelly Bean - This could similar to the fruit salad idea with each finger having a different flavour. You could also try and add a soft texture in somewhere.

I think it's also important  to think about flavours from other countries,  so here are a few ideas of foods I love from foreign lands that I think would make excellent Kit Kat flavours.

Mango Sticky Rice - This is a staple food in many countries like Thailand and Cambodia. They already make all kinds of treats using the flavours of mango sticky rice, so why not make a Kit Kat as well.
Jalebi - This is my favorite Indian/Pakistani sweet treat. If you made this in Kit Kat form you'd have to somehow get the crispy texture right as well as the flavour.
Sticky Toffee Pudding - This is one variety that I wouldn't be surprised if it already existed. It's such a unique flavour, and the perfect Kit Kat flavour
Turkish Delight - This is another Kit Kat variety that could go further than simply making a Kit Kat that tastes like Turkish delight. You could actually put Turkish delight into the Kit Kat bar, similar to what they already do with peanut butter and caramel.
Speculoos - I think this is a food trend that seems to be continuing to grow, so it would be perfect for a Kit Kat. Some people know this as cookie butter as well. It would blend perfectly with the crisp wafers and milk chocolate.

There are also a few Canadian flavours that I think would work.
Beavertail - In particular the Kilalo Sunrise variety with cinnamon, sugar and lemon.
Pancakes with Syrup - You could give the wafers a pancake flavour, and  put a thin layer of real Canadian maple syrup on the top.

Two people (Allison and Brent) thought of two meat flavours. You might think it’s just a joke, but I don't think it's a totally silly idea.
Roast Beef - Something about creamy gravy that I think might work in the context of a chocolate bar.
Fried Chicken - This might sound weird, but the spices would certainly be an interesting flavour combination with a Kit Kat bar, after all fried chicken does work with waffles.


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