Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy update day everybody!

I’m in a good mood, and not just because it’s update day, but that is pretty much the most important thing that could possibly happen in the world so I’ll rank it pretty high. To add to the update day happiness we get to review something great. Well it’s European and it’s a Kit Kat, it’s also a variant but two out of three isn’t bad. At least this one’s a little creative.
Today is also the day we added the finished “What does Reese go good with” article. Got a pouch of cups and looking for a fun way to eat them, then stop reading this and check it out.


Monday, February 26, 2007

My opinion on comments. Something I’ll publish on all my BLOGs at the same time.

I have to say that I don’t really know how to deal with comments or how they really work. Random people saying random things to me about things I’ve posted. Should I react when someone tells me I’m an idiot, or should I just sit around and take the abuse? I’ve noticed that when someone doesn’t really like what you’ve had to say and they post it many will often follow. Now either I’m really saying something stupid or when one person insults it opens the doors to others.

Having said that I’m also not really sure how to deal with simple non-offensive comments either. Things like a simple hello, or hey check out my site too. I will often check out the site but what do I do if that site isn’t really something I’m interested in. I’m not saying it sucks but I just don’t like Hummel figurines.

I’ve decided that I’m going to open comments all of my BLOGs from here on in. I’ll try it out as an experiment. I’m also going to try and be more attentive to the comments and say things to people when they visit. Please keep in mind that I’m a little socially awkward so it might come out a little strange.

Thank you

The Management.


Friday, February 23, 2007

Um… Yeah…

I can’t really describe this video at all, but candy is a theme.


Let us celebrate the Tootsie Roll

Today in history is an important one, for today the first Tootsie Roll… well it rolled off the assembly line. Chewy, chocolaty, a work out for both the senses but more importantly for the jaw today is a day to bite into a Tootsie Roll with pride.

Let us not forget that without the Tootsie Roll we wouldn’t have Tootsie Pops.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Update day was yesterday

It may appear that update day is once again late but that’s not true at all. In fact update day was right on time, this BLOG update on the other hand is very late. The good news is it’s here and all is well, the better news is this week we look at a sort of new, but kind of classic gum. It’s been a bit since we’ve had a gum review online and this may be our first minty gum review yet, but I’d have to check to be sure.

Also today we posted the link to the great new Candy Map. It only has a few places marked on it so far but I’m pretty sure it’ll fill up fast. If you happen to own or know of a candy sight that should be added let us know.


Monday, February 19, 2007

It could be two days but it’s just one

Today is a great day, for today we can celebrate two great events that shape candy. A day to look at two reasons why I stuff myself with sweet treats and smile.

First of all today is National Chocolate Mint Day. Eating chocolate and convincing yourself that you’re freshening up your breath at the same time. It’s wonderful. I do however always wonder how they came up with this strange combination.

Today is also the anniversary of the day that Cracker Jacks put their first prize in a box. Since then many a joke has been made about what people may find in their box of popcorn and peanut treats, so it’s not only made candy lovers day but helped comedians as well.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy National Gum Drop Day!

I don’t really have any gumdrops to eat today, so I’m a little sad.
But I do have gumdrops on my phone so I’ll make some calls and pretend I’m eating them.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Give me some love and I’ll give you an update.

Do you feel the love, do you? Well I do, I can feel so much love that it’s starting to clot my heart and… Just kidding, that’s no love, that’s just too many deep fried mars bars. Well today we give you a little more love with our review. Little hearts with nice messages on them, all that with a bear and pig hugging on the box. It’s a beautiful day my friends.


Happy Valentines Day!!!

Now go give something sweet to someone that is a little sweet.

And here's some fun facts brought to you by the NCA!

A new national survey available at has revealed that on average men shell out $130 each on candy, cards, jewelry, flowers and dates. That's more than double what women commit to spending. By far men are spending the most; yet only receiving 6 percent of all Valentine's Day gifts! Therefore, in honor of Valentine's Day 2007, the NCA has named men "America's Biggest Sweetheart." While men may open their wallets wide on Valentine's Day, NCA's national survey found that it's children who really 'eat up' Valentine's Day, receiving 39 percent of all holiday candy and gifts. The survey also found:

Mothers/Wives give out 33 percent of gifts, receive 36 percent of all holiday gifts

Fathers/Husbands give out 25 percent of gifts, receive 6 percent of all gifts

Grandparents give out 9 percent of gifts, receive 3 percent of gifts

Pets give out and receive only 1 percent of all gifts (I'm sure it's more revieve than give / ED)

A majority of men (53 percent) admit that they lean on friends and family to find the perfect present for their sweetheart while 11 percent look to co-workers, 10 percent ask the cashier and 7 percent consult the World Wide Web.

When it comes to present time, women prefer a gift after a nice dinner, while most men prefer gifts first thing in the morning.

American men and women agree that the most romantic place to share candy is in front of the fireplace.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

To the untrained eye it would appear I’m really lazy.

Sorry I haven’t been updating lately but I have a new and fun idea in the works. See people always ask me where they can get all kinds of great treats, or where I get some of my treats. Sometimes people want to know where they’re made. Well I’ve decided to work on a google maps mashup and list all the candy places I find. I’ll post a link to it once I’ve got it started and I assure you the list will grow.
It has also come to my attention that many of you reading this BLOG do not know that this BLOG is only an accompaniment to a big fun crazy for the whole family site called Candy Critic. If you’ve been enjoying any of this site check out the rest it’s well worth it.


Friday, February 09, 2007

On the Bandwagon I go.

I figured since the Super Bowl spots are all the rage right now I might pick out my favourite one and post it. It’s not really a candy ad exactly but it completely threw me off when I saw it.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Update day, oh joy, oh joy!

Well it’s a cold one but it’s here. Update day to me means something special, mostly that I’ll be working my brains out updating everything and trying to finish things that I put off. Having said that this weeks review is one I’ve been waiting to put up for a while. It’s been a bit since I’ve put up a salty review so here you go.

Also this week you can check out what to get that special someone for Valentines Day. We polled our members, and some special friends to find out what the best sweet treat they’d want on this day of love.


Monday, February 05, 2007

Winter Snack

For those that have never tried Frozen Maple Taffy on a stick you really must give it a go. I’m not sure what’s in it but there’s a great process of pouring hot stuff on snow and then eating the snow… When I put it that way it sounds a lot less tempting than it is, trust me.


Reese Puffs

So while walking aisle of my grocery store I came across a fun new way to eat my Reese Peanut Butter… Well anything really. It also gave me an excuse to eat more candy for breakfast. This day was looking up for me.
I decided to make these fine little puffs part of this balanced breakfast. I should mention that this breakfast is in fact not really that balanced, but I just wanted to say that.
So what’s the verdict, how are these sweet little puffs of chocolate and peanut butter? Surprisingly tasty. In fact they’re not bad at all, I have to be honest I was expecting to have to force down more than two spoonfuls but I managed the whole bowl with little to no discomfort. The best way to describe them is that they’re like corn pops with a chocolate/peanut butter twist. Yummy!

Friday, February 02, 2007

This is how an era ends.

Sometimes you can see when something is going wrong, something leaves our lives and although it returns it is never the same. This was the end of Cookie Monster, as we knew him.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Stump the Critic

I’m working on an article for Candy Critic that’s all about what goes well with Hershey’s cups (Candy of the Month Club members can see the work in progress). I’ve managed a whole bunch so far but I’m stuck with 4 left and no ideas.
So if you have any ideas let me know on the forum or just e-mail me.

Sorry, Update Day is a day late.

I can’t explain it but all I can tell you is that big things are a foot for this Candy Critic. So big that it caused the wonderful thing we like to call update day to go one day behind. Either way we have a fine new treat in the ring today, cool and chocolaty. I gotta go make dinner now.