Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Review on Halloween Night

Why in the world am I writing a new review on Halloween night? I should be out scaring up some candy, not sitting at my computer writing about candy. Wait a minute, they don't celebrate Halloween in Greece. If I go out dressed up in a costume demanding free candy I think the authorities might get called. Instead I think tonight I'll just dig up some of my own candy, and make a frightening dinner to go with it.


Happy Halloween!

Since they don't celebrate Halloween here in Greece I couldn't get a picture of me with any kind of monster or ghoul. So instead I just decided to post a really gross looking picture of my eye.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's National Candy Corn Day

Now I don't want to make any assumptions but I'm guessing that this holiday is only riding on the coattails of a bigger holiday. I'm also guessing that it was created by a group of people who manufacture a certain candy in hopes of increasing sales just a little.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Sugar Might Not Make You Hyper

Some studies have found that sugar may not lead to hyperactivity, this is good news, particularly for parents this time of year. However I have to disagree a little on this idea, I think that the anticipation of sugar can lead to some pretty hyper kids. I think that toys and cartoons are also responsible for the same kind of hyperactivity. So it's simple, if you offer people something they really want (in particular kids with no inhibitions) they go mental.


Werther's Store Opens At Epcot In Florida

The greatest thing about Epcot in Disney World Florida is the fact that they not only celebrate the cultures of many countries but also the food. They do this with the utmost authenticity (the Canadian pavilion even has/had Beaver Tails). So if you go, be sure to get some treats, in particular you might want to check out the German pavilion for their new Werther's store.


More Nutella In Canada

I want to personally thank each and every Canadian that has enjoyed the yummy taste that is Nutella. We did it... All you fine folks that munch a little toast with that spread have eaten enough that Ferrero has decided to expand their factory. That means more jobs for Canadians and more importantly more Nutella.


Greatest Hotel Room Ever!

If you're planning a trip to Milan you just might want to check out the greatest looking hotel room ever. I'm sure it's really expensive, but I'm also sure that it'll be the most amazing night sleep of your life.


Last Minute Halloween Link Roundup

A whole bunch of fun articles about Halloween coming my way today. I figure the best thing I can do is smush them together into one big post.



Holy crap, that is one giant pudding!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good Green Idea

I love seeing candy companies not only produce good high quality treats but also think about the environment a little bit as well. Marks and Spencer has decided to sell their candies in special compostable containers that keep the candy safe and the world safe too.


World Chocolate Master Crowned

A chef in Las Vegas was just crowned "World Chocolate Master". This is the kind of tittle that I feel can best be shown off by wearing a giant belt with your tittle written in gold across it. Mr Bortolini you are a champion of champions.


Bitter Tastes Might Be Good For You

According to some research bitter flavours might just open up airways in your lungs and allow you to breath a little easier. This could be great news for people with asthma and great news for me since I eat lost of sour/bitter treats.


What Should We "Break"

I'm a little confused by this advertisement for Kit Kat. Exactly what are we to break, or if you mean break and in "take a break", then what does a kitten have to do with it?

Ad found on Vintage Ad Browser.


Lists Of Local Candy

Whenever I come across lists of local candy and sweet shops I like to spread it around. Local candy shops are one of the greatest resources for original and fun treats in any community. This week I've come across two lists.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some More Treats You Can Make Yourself

I found two more cool looking treats you can make yourself this Halloween. The first is a slice of graveyard cake, for some reason when I see dirt on deserts my mouth waters. The second are these cute little ghost mini cake toppers.


Martial Arts For Candy

A martial arts school has decided to create their own candy exchange program by allowing kids to exchange their candy for free martial arts classes. The candy will be sent to soldiers oversea. The way I look at it either way teeth will be lost.


I Missed the New Product Awards... Again

Actually I've never been invited, although I'd probably try and go if I was. I've thought about making a best new candy award here on Candy Critic, but I think I'd try and limit myself to one best new candy. Hmmmm, I think I might work on this.


Check Out This Natick Chocolatier

More importantly check out that amazing looking chocolate cup cake thing in the picture of her. Apparently Brigitte Browney has been recently featured on the Food Network and I can see why, her treats look spectacular.


Did You Know That There Was a Candy Hall Of Fame?

Did you know that I've both never been nor ever been nominated? Sad isn't it. Although when I look at the competition from this years winners I guess I can see why. Although I feel I contribute to the candy world, these people create treats that are spectacular, and they make my job even more fun. So congrats to this years winners.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Great Photo Idea

I came across this collection of photos depicting the ingredients and the final product of foods being made. The picture above is the making of chocolates. These are so cool.


Get A Tour Of Supreme Chocolatier

Supreme Chocolatier in Staten Island has opened its doors to the public for the next year to celebrate their 100th anniversary. If you've never toured a chocolate manufacturing plant I highly recommend it. The first trick is not to eat any chocolate before you go, and then go nuts on the treats available for sale after the tour. It'll make you the happiest person alive.


Deep Fried Treats At A Greek Street Festival

Almost nothing makes me happier than trying out a new street festival or carnival food. Fortunately for me my friend Alex invited me out the other night for a stroll through a fun little street festival here in Athens. Even better, almost all of the food available was super sweet.
Seeing as how I had just finished dinner and I wasn't super hungry I decided to pick out one treat to sample. My friend Alex recommended that I try these little deep fried balls of dough that come covered in either honey or chocolate.
Now I know I should have probably chosen chocolate, but I was told that the traditional way to eat these was with the honey. So I got myself a huge tub of these deep fried wonders and munched away. Now I'm not saying I didn't enjoy these, but I have to admit that the best part about this snack was the honey (with a little cinnamon added). The balls where fairly flavourless and in my case kind of cold. I think I may try them again with chocolate, but I also think I should try a few of the other street festival foods in the future.


Sweet Treats For Hoosiers

If you live in Indiana and you're looking for some high class treats this list of candy stores might just be what you're looking for.


Candy Hierarchy

Boing Boing posted what to me looks like the worst candy hierarchy ever. These hierarchy lists of candy always seem to put caramel on top and fun treats on the bottom. It's as if they're written by boring adults and not people that like to have any kind of fun at all.

Seattle Chocolate Festival Is Over For This Year

And if I wasn't on the other side of the world I probably would have gone.


It's National Pumpkin Day

I imagine that this holiday is pretty much attached to the fact that this is the time when people go nuts trying to find the perfect pumpkin for Halloween.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Chocolate Undies

So many times in my life have I seen womens underwear with a candy theme. Frankly as a man I've been feeling left out. I mean we all want the opportunity to arouse our significant others with the site of sweet treats on our underwear. Lucky for me I came across this cool pair of mens underwear cleverly decorated with sweet chocolates.


A Sad Way To Learn About a New Holiday

I just learned about a holiday in the Hindu religion. It's known as Diwali and it takes place this year on November 5th and it lasts for 5 days. The way I learned about this holiday is by reading an article in the Times of India about how candy makers are lowering their standards but not the prices on Diwali treats and taking advantage of their customers. The world can be a really sad place sometimes.


More Ways to Treat Yourself On Halloween

Here's a few very simple ways to decorate treats with a scary theme. The donut eyeballs sound particularly fun.


The Little Chocolatier Is Moving

If you live in Utah and your a fan of "The Little Chocolatier", don't freak out if you go to visit and it's not there anymore. They haven't shut down, they've just moved. I particularly like the reaction of the zoning committee when they got permission to open the new store "Where’s the fudge?"


Two Food Recalls for Halloween

Just thought I'd point these two candy recalls to all those trick or treaters out there. Fun sized Raisinets, and Mega Pops lollipops have had recalls and should probably not be consumed.


More Cocoa Houses

Cadbury has announced that it will open even more cocoa houses (sort of like a cocoa cafe) all over England... Seriously Cadbury, you think maybe you could open one out of the UK? There are other people that would appreciate them too.

Also let me know if you can check one of these places out and report back.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Review... Now With 100% More Gum

Well it's been a busy week here at Candy Critic. As you may or may not know we've moved and we've just finally got our main computer system back up and running. I've been updating the site for the last several months on a tiny laptop. But now things are as they should, reviews will continue to flow, as well as changes will start to appear on the site eventually leading to the new look that we've been working on. Enjoy the chewy review.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Another Treat For Halloween

Earlier today I posted a link to a recipe for squishy jelly eyeballs. Well I just came across this other recipe to make those fun sugar skulls from Mexico. I know it's not really Halloween but these skulls just look so cool.


Prepare to Be Distracted While Driving.

A while back I posted a link about a competition where adults are encouraged to dress up like the kid on the Milkybar. Well 4 of the top choices have been chosen and those folks will be plastered up on billboards (I assume all over the UK). The photos I've seen are rather creepy, I just thought I'd warn you.


A Pill That Stops You From Tasting Sugar

For some reason science has decided to stop curing the problems that ail the world and develop a pill that makes you lose the ability to taste sugar. Why would I want to not be able to taste sugar, it's one of the greatest tastes in life. I do have to admit I have a slight interest in trying this invention, only because I'm sure I can beat it.


No, You're Nuts

It's "National Nut Day"! So go ahead and eat a crunchy treat, or pretend your Napoleon, either way you're celebrating nuts.


Giant Gummies Available In New York

I've posted before about 5 lbs gummy bears that you can order online. However this weekend you can get them from the source at the New York state fair. Not only that but there will also be giant gummy worms available as well. Hurry up because it ends this Sunday.

More Homemade Halloween Treats

I think this year I'm going to try and post as many cool looking Halloween treat recipes as I can find. The latest find (linked below) is a table full of jelly eyes, apparently they're lemon. I love a good creative treat, and I find the most creative DIY treats really do come out on Halloween.


Scariest Halloween Ad Ever

It's not supposed to be really scary but it is.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Best Places To Go Trick Or Treating

I always thought that all cities would be equal in the grand scheme of Halloween festivities but apparently I might be wrong. The folks at Zillow have created a list of the top 20 trick or treating cities in the US. I'm not surprised by San Fransisco high ranking (2 on the list) however I am blown away that Seattle ranks number one. I don't object, I've just never heard much about the trick or treating scene there.


Headline is a Little Too Much

I just came across this headline that I found so over the top I had to laugh "Is There Child Slave Labor in Your Child's Halloween Candy?" Now I know there are issues with how cocoa is harvested and how some factories use child labour. But frankly I find this wording to be sensationalizing and way over the top. Way to use fear to promote your story.


Good Cupcake Idea

I don't normally like posting recipes online but this idea deserves to be spread around.


It's National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day!

I can understand why one would make today National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day. I figure it's just about time to start carving out Jack-o-lanterns for Halloween and you have to do something with the gooey insides. The thing I don't get it who in their right mind would want to eat a pumpkin flavoured cheesecake. Now I've never actually tried one before, but it sounds horrible.


A Snickers Ad I Love And Don't Understand

I found this Snickers ad on copyranter and frankly I just don't understand it. Is the Dark Side going soft?


Save a Soldier Sell Your Candy

The logic of this plan is a little confusing but it seems noble enough. You sell your candy to a dentist, the dentist then donates the candy to soldiers in Iraq, the soldiers gives out candy to local kids, the kids then feel they can speak to the soldiers (in particular about things they may have seen happening in the area). It still seems a little strange but if it works and saves one person I'm OK with that.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

10 Worst Halloween Candies?

I get a kick out of people trying to do what I do. In this case it's someone trying to write a list of the 10 worst Halloween candies one might receive. Now this list is missing many a horrible candy that is truly even worse than the famed circus peanut. I think you have to be a pretty hard core Halloween scrooge to rank "fun size" treats, as well as Tootsie rolls on your list of the worst as well.


Why Does the World Hate Fanta

Here in Europe Fanta is the bomb, everybody drinks it and you can get it just about anywhere. When I was a kid I remember being able to find Fanta in many stores in North America, but now it's virtually impossible to find. When you can find it in North America, it's often imported from Europe and overpriced. Now I've heard many rumors and stories about why it's not available, they seem far fetched, mostly about the Second World War. It just seems odd that if these rumors are true, then why hold such a grudge when clearly many Europeans (whom the war affected greatly) have chosen to forgive. If they're not true, then what's the hold up?


Can Big Companies Make Little Chocolates?

I have to admit that although I'm optimistic about the idea of large candy companies producing high quality treats on the level of small specialty chocolatiers I have yet to see it really happen. That's not to say that there are some large companies making really good high quality treats, it's just that almost every time I hear about a company "expanding" the quality goes down.


Don't Steal Candy

Especially if you happen to live in Iran. A man who has been sentenced to amputation (of his hand) for stealing candy. It looks like he's a chronic candy stealer, but personally I'm not sure if I agree that this is the best sentence.


Honey Drops Are The Best Candy In The World

Congratulations to the fine folks at Honibe for winning the biggest prize in food the SIAL D'or award in Paris. I'm proud to say that these guys are Canadian, and even prouder to say that I have a box of their sweet treats sitting my cupboard right now (I brought them to Greece). It's a prize well deserved and a very creative snack indeed. Congrats Honibe gang!


Food And Emotions

I can't tell you how many people say that they have no vices, then they sit down to a meal that is full of chemicals that affect their moods. According to this article "Just like alcohol or drugs, food and spices can excite, calm or rattle the brain." I can admit that I have a vice for that sweet rush that comes from something sweet, I don't have a problem, I simply have a solution.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm Applying For a Job At Green And Black

You can apply as well, however I must say that I have a lot of experience when it comes to sampling chocolate, and I already live abroad and I'm used to traveling. I'm not saying you won't get the job, I'm just saying you won't get it without a fight.


More Fair Trade Is Good

According to statistics fair trade chocolate sales are up in the US. I've been a big fan of fair trade chocolate for a few years now, but not for the reasons you might think. I like fair trade chocolate because often companies that take the time to worry about details, such as where their chocolate comes from, also deal with details such as how good their chocolate tastes. The problem I see happening with fair trade becoming more mainstream is this kind of measurement will not be relevant anymore and even crappy tasting chocolate treats will be fair trade. It's not that I mind everybody being fair trade, I'll just have to work a little hard spotting high quality.


Bazooka Bubble Gum Blowing Contest

The nostalgic smell of classic bubble gum greeted us as we approached the contest. My five year old son was vibrating with excitement. He had taught himself to blow bubbles just for this event. For three weeks he practiced every night and now could blow bubbles on demand. I was nervous. Would stage fright take over and leave him disappointed? He could be really shy sometimes and often hides behind me when strangers talk to him.

The crowd was good size and there were more reporters than I had expected. My husband started giving me tips on how to elbow the pros aside for a good shot and my son was dragging me to the registration table, frantic that he might miss his big chance. Guess he’s not going to be shy today. I put my husband in charge of signing him up and took a few photos.
Capturing a bubble on camera was hard. There is a split second of huge billowy success, then it’s gone.
iPods for the winners and the grand prize was a massive quantity of gum and being immortalized in a Bazooka Joe comic.

All the contestants got a t-shirt and an eye patch (like Bazooka Joe’s in the comic) to wear while competing. The eye patch is just for looks and does nothing to protect you from bubble explosions, but it does make you look serious about gum. Each contestant has a warm up to get their two pieces of Bazooka gum to the perfect texture, then one minute to blow their best bubble. The biggest bubble blown and measured is the one that counts.
My son put on the smallest shirt they had, applied his eye patch and did his best. Two inches!

He didn’t win the contest, but that hardly mattered. His pockets full of extra gum and wearing his t-shirt and patch, my son felt that the day couldn’t have gone better. He can’t wait until next year to do it again. I really hope they have another one, because we had lots of fun.

Victoria (Candy Critic Corespondent)

I Predicted It!

I said that one of the new trends that will explode onto the market will be flavour changing treats. I predicted it, and now it looks like we're almost there. There are a few gums on the market already that have slight flavour change, such as sweet to sour. However in the future we will see candies and gum that will drastically change flavours, several times over even.


A List of High Quality Candy Shops In Colorado

I just came across this list of 10 high quality candy makers in Colorado. Now I can't judge or attest to the quality of these shops, however I may decide to take a trip out there and try them for myself.


Monday, October 18, 2010

If I Started a Chocolate Company This Is What I'd Call It Too

I just read an article about a great event that raised money for local Shriner's. It's great to see the candy community do good things for others however that's not why I'm posting this link. I'm posting it because the name of the candy company that donated the chocolate (and a few bucks) to this cause is called "Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate Company". This is one of the best names for a candy company ever!


Irony Comes In The Form Of a Cookie

I have a problem here in Greece. See I really love cookies, but I really don't like coffee that much. The thing is every single cafe here in Greece gives away a free cookie with every coffee. Do you think they might give a cookie to us tea drinkers? No way. So every time I go out with friends to enjoy a sit on a street, good conversation, and a nice beverage, there is no cookie for Chris.


Blood Worms For Halloween

Not satisfied with the gummy worms in your area? In my life I've only come across one brand of gummy worms that really looked good and wormy. For Halloween only a real gross out will do. Well if you can't find any good packaged gummy worms this Halloween Boing Boing has posted a link to a great recipe to make your own gross out worms.


Sad Cake Window

These cakes may look fancy and yummy but really they appear to be kind of sad. Near the #1 graveyard (trust me it's not a rating system) there is a street leading up to the main entrance. On this street you can find anything one might need in order to mourn a love one. From tomb stones, weather resistant picture frames, flowers, and yes what appears to be grieving cakes. Frankly I think when I go I'd be honored if people served a grieving cake in my honor, but it better be chocolate.


Health And Butter

For many years I've heard so many conflicting theories about the health of butter and other fats. This post on Boing Boing has got to be one of the best "Will eating a half a stick of butter a day make you smarter?"


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Update... No Really

This weekend I had a few technical problems that froze a few of my posts. This means that I'm trying to re-load and organize a bunch of posts from the last week. This technical problem also managed to stop me from posting a new review on Sunday. But that's OK, because I can backdate posts and make it look like it's been posted for a few days, an no one will be wiser.


Friday, October 15, 2010

The History Of Halloween

I just came across this post on the Lindt blog all about "Trick-or-Treating: History & Tips". I'm posting it because a little Halloween history is fun, however trick-or-treating tips drive me crazy. They're often repetitive and rarely explain how one can increase the quantity and quality of the candy haul.


Cake Like Day

Two cakes came up today both worth mentioning. The first is what I can only call a comic book nerds (that's me) dream cake. The second is a Great Expectations, the Miss Havisham Cake that was banned from a cake show, surely not for lack of creativity I'm sure.


Tabasco Chocolate

I normally don't like to promote random new treats on this blog unless I can either taste it myself, or if they're just so strange that they have to be mentioned. That's why when I discovered that someone has made "Tabasco chocolate wedges" I really had to mention it. I'm sure if I come across these I'll give them a try, but due to a past experience with half a bottle of Tabasco, 6 crackers, and a whole bunch of peanut butter, I think I'll choose not to seek these out.


Cadbury Cream Eggs Creme Brule

The mind set of this recipe my friend Jesse sent me is really simple if you think about it. Take one awesome desert filled with cream, sugar and fire, then combine a classic treat and voila. You get what might be the yummiest idea ever.


Creepy Panda Cheese is Creepy

This series of commercials is doing the rounds on the internet and I know it isn't about candy exactly it's creepy enough that I just couldn't let it go.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Kit Kat

I didn't know that the Kit Kat was 75 years old. That's one old chocolate bar, although it doesn't look a day over 60. It's pretty amazing that a bar that's been around for so long still holds up on the candy market. Actually I'd go so far as to say it still leads the candy bar industry.


A Story About a Great Chocolatier

Pierre Marcolini is one of the great chocolatier's in the world and it's great to learn about how he works his craft and more importantly how he does it on a large scale. There are great lessons to learn from a man like this, most importantly you don't have to sacrifice quality just because you're making a large quantity.


Brace Yourself For Halloween

I've never had braces but I've always wondered if I'd still be such a candy fanatic if I did. Apparently when you have braces you pretty much can't eat about half of the candy out there. It's particularly hard on Halloween because there's even more of the stuff out there and less of it that you're supposed to eat. I probably would have simply eaten all of the treats and learned to repair the braces myself with duct tape and crazy glue.


Kinder Advertising

When I was a kid (in Canada) we didn't really see that much advertising for Kinder products at all. That's why it makes me sad when I see vintage Kinder ads from Europe, it points out some of the stuff that I missed. Like a creepy kid wearing a tie that defies all fashion sense.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chicago the Candy Capital Of The World

Many people don't know that Chicago is one of the largest candy manufacturing cities in the world. A huge amount of candy business goes on there, the largest candy show in North America takes place there. Even look at the baseball stadium "Wrigley Field". Apparently there's going to be a show at the University of Chicago commemorating the candy business in Chicago. It might be worth checking out to learn how important this town is to the candy industry.


What's Inside Mr Stay Puft

I love this art piece depicting the insides of Mr Stay Puft. I always he was full of marshmallow, but what do I know about fictional candy mascot anatomy.


Health and Chocolate

It's been a while since I've posted anything dealing with the health benefits of chocolate. It's not that I haven't come across it in the media lately either. The problem I have posting such articles is twofold. First of all there is a lot of repetition in the information people give about chocolate. We all know that cocoa is fairly healthy for many reasons, we also know that we have to keep the sugar involved in moderation. The other problem I have is that many of these articles seem poorly researched. It's hard to argue that chocolate has some benefits, but I think many writers are looking to make chocolate the happy cure all for every problem.


Silly Slogans for Peanut Chews

My favorite form of advertising is silly advertising. In particular I love a good cheesy slogan. The latest ad campaign for Peanut Chews fits this bill perfectly. My favorite slogan from the campaign: "Philadelphia. Birthplace of Peanut Chews. Oh, and liberty." Brilliance!


Coolest Theaters Ever

Here in Greece they have this brilliant concept when it comes to theaters. Instead of shoving all of their theaters into cramped places... you know with a roof on it. All over Greece there are open air theaters. They're similar to drive in theaters only there are no cars and prettier gardens all around.
The snack bars at these theaters are also great. Very retro and often they offer home made treats such as this bag of fresh roasted peanuts I picked up at a screening of "The Maltese Falcon".


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just Got A Whole Bunch-0-Chocolate In The Mail

And I can't wait to munch on each and every bar. A few flavours in particular interest me like the Maya Gold and the Ginger.


Stories About Small Time Candy Makers Makes me Happy

I always get a warm feeling in my heart when I read about how so many small candy companies get their start. Most small time candy makers don't do it to make it rich, instead they do it because they're passionate about candy.


ζαχαροπλαστικής σοκολάτα

On my way to my Greek language class I keep passing by a series of mouth watering pastry shops each with spectacular windows filled with sweet treats. I made sure that one of the first words I learned in Greek was chocolate pastry.


Nutella Fest

A bunch of students in Indiana have started an annual tradition that involves fun, games, but most importantly Nutella. I read the article and was shocked to find out that there are some people at a University level whom had not yet tried Nutella. It's good to know that the education system is working and university students are able to experience the right things in life.


Candy Warehouses

If you've never had the opportunity to walk through a warehouse full of candy I highly recommend it. The smell of candy permeates through the air, and if samples are offered your day has only gotten better. You also may discover, or re-discover, a candy that will make you smile.


A Little History and a Little Info About Chocolate

Below is a great article talking up every single aspect of chocolate. It's got a little history, a lot of gushing, and some good scientific information. The only question I have about this article deals with the following quote: "The world is divided into two types of people - those who love chocolate and those who don’t." Who are these people who don't love chocolate... really?


Bugs as Candy

Whenever I tell people that review candy they often ask me about the many different candies I've tried in my life. There are also great arguments as to what I consider to be candy. This brings up the question of bugs as candy. I can safely say that I would consider bugs to be a candy, however I think they're more designed for their novelty than they're taste or texture. That's pretty much why I haven't reviewed any yet, that and Allison wouldn't go near me for a week if I ate a bug.


Trident Truck

A few weeks back I saw a Haribo truck, yesterday I saw this Trident truck. All I can say is the folks here in Greece really know how to decorate their trucks.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Simply Burger

I've learned something about Greece in the couple of weeks. It has to do with their selection of Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers. The thing about their burgers is you really have only one extreme or another when it comes to quality of burgers in this town. They're either really fancy (and often expensive) or fast food like (and cheap). You really don't get the middle ground here at all. Take for example this burger I got at a place called "Simply Burger".
First of all it comes in a fancy brown box to keep it from getting even slightly damaged.
Even cooler is they separate the hot side of your burger with the cool side, and they keep the cheese from sticking to the top of the box. This is a nice touch that McDonald's achieved once with the famous McDLT.
They also give you a free brownie with each meal. Frankly a free brownie is the Candy Critic's hallmark of a classy joint.


New Stuff From Mars

I don't often get full lists of new products like this, but when I do I tend to drool over my keyboard for a little while. Looking forward to trying the new ice creams listed, nervous and curious about the coconut Twix bar.


If You Happen To Pass Through Chattanooga...

Do take the train, but be careful when you buy your sweets. A store clerk in Chattanooga found a strange bag of what ended up being marijuana stuck between some candy in the sweets isle of a local store. The story in my head that would lead to such a situation involves the words "munchies" being used several times in one evening.


A Great Interview With Dylan of Dylan's Candy Bar

The one thing I love about Dylan's Candy bar is that they're not afraid to mix class with candy. It's not that they only deal with super expensive treats either. They have high end stuff, but they also know that a package of Nerds, or a 25 cent gum ball can be classy as well.


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

As my friend Andrew says "What Thanksgiving is all about -- though I could be wrong on this...". What you're looking at is the DQ pumpkin pie blizzard. I haven't tried one myself and I'm not sure if I want to.

Picture courtesy of Andrew Currie from the wonderful blog Open Attitude.


Halloween For Big Kids

So you want to throw a Halloween party for big kids but you don't know what to serve. Well if your big kid friends are fans of classic candy treats and getting drunk than I have the perfect answer for you. Bellow is a link to a list of fancy drinks that apparently taste like classic Halloween candies, a perfect ice breaker for a group of people dressed like the cast of Mad Men.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'm Not A Talented Cake Decorator

If I was a talented cake decorator I would have decorated a cake with something clever about how today is "National Cake Decorating Day", and maybe added that there is a new review up today too. You'd think I'd be good at decorating cakes since I'm an artist, and since I love cakes. The problem is every time I start to decorating a cake my sweet tooth takes over and all you get is a double chocolate cake with 3 inches of icing and missing many bites. Speaking of bites, this weeks review is worth sinking your teeth into, particularly if you want something chewy.


Friday, October 08, 2010

Epicurious Shows Off Some Halloween Treats

Epicurious has put together a little list of some high quality Halloween treats that are a little different than the stuff that fills most kids pillow cases. It's good to see the high quality candy companies getting into the Halloween spirit and even better to see the adults getting into these treats.


Don't Forget Tomorrow Is The Bazooka Contest In Toronto

Just a reminder about the Bazooka contest tomorrow in Toronto:

"The “Bazooka Bubble Gum Blow-Off” will be taking place at Eaton Centre in Toronto on October 9th and begins at 1pm. Everyone ages 5+ is welcome to enter the contest. All contestants must register on site the day of the event and all minors must have a parent or guardian fill out a permission form.
There will be 3 different age categories:
5 to 10 years
11 to 15 years
16 years and older (adult category)
To the winner of each age category, we are planning to award a hot pink iPod Nano.
The three finalists will compete for one grand prize—the opportunity to be the first person ever on the planet to be written into a Bazooka Joe comic. The comic will go into circulation with the gum in Canada. The person will also win a huge supply of Bazooka Bubble Gum.
There will be music, giveaways (bubble gum samples, Bazooka Joe eye patches, t-shirts, etc.), and much more!"


Gum Research & Development In Europe

Did you know that not all candies are made equal? If you travel the world and eat the same chocolate bar, the same stick of gum, or the same bag of chips bought in different places each will be a little different. That's not just from inconsistencies in the factories, more often these differences are on purpose. Every culture has a different idea as to what tastes good, that's what makes eating at ethnic restaurants so cool. So each region of the world tests out the basic recipes for most candies and tweaks them to suit the tastes of the area. It's really fascinating. So next time you find yourself in a far off land, I recommend trying one of your favorite treats, you might be pleasantly surprised.


Non-Stick Chewing Gum

Apparently Revolymer has invented a gum that is easy to get out of just about anything with just a little water. Where was this invention when I was a kid. I used to get gum stuck all over the place, mostly carpets and hair. The true question is, how well does it blow bubbles, chew, and taste.


Can't Make It To Hershey Pennsylvania?

For years I've wanted to go to Hershey Pennsylvania and check out the factory tour but I never can get it organized. Well with the little video above and I can get a taste of the tour... but sadly not the chocolate.


Thursday, October 07, 2010

Worlds Largest Buckeye?

Apparently a candy store in Freemount thinks that they may have manufactured the worlds largest buckeye. For those that aren't sure what a buckeye is you can read my review here. They would be fairly certain of this record, but I think the problem is at this time there is not record to break. So congrats on making the first known giant buckeye!


The Planet Just Got a Little Less Green

Apparently the folks at Sun Chips have decided to discontinue using compostable bags due to technical problems. The bags where really loud to the touch. I'm not really sure how loud the bags might have been but if that's the only problem I still think it's worth it. I really hope they look into other ways to manufacture these bags because I think it was a step in the right direction.


Halloween Proposals

I've always had a few friends that dream of Halloween weddings. Most of them love scary movies and love dressing up on Halloween. If you happen to find yourself in love with such a mate, but you're not really into the whole haunted wedding theme, may I suggest the following. Propose on Halloween and get married some other time. Fortunately for you I've come across a few ideas for the perfect Halloween proposal.


Help With Expired Candy

I've recently come across two articles that will help you deal with candy that you might suspect is a little off. This is a good time of year to get this advice because around Halloween many people seem to stock up on candy but really have no idea how long they should keep it.