Wednesday, January 31, 2018

It's The Third Entry In Our African Candy Review-A-Thon, And There's A Bit Of A Theme - Viva Potato Crisps “Salt & Vinegar”

I didn't really mean for this to happen, but apparently most of the reviews in this Tanzania/Kenya review-a-thon are going to be potato chips. This could either be because chips are very popular in these two countries, or that I had already tried many of the local chocolate bars available in these countries. I'm guessing it's a combination of both.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

It's Our Second Entry In Our Kenya/Tanzania Review-A-Thon, And It's All Wrong - C’est Bon

This week's entry in our Kenya/Tanzania Review-A-Thon is wrong because this bar is not actually made in Kenya or Tanzania, in fact it's not made in Africa at all. This bar is distributed in many places all over the world, but it's actually made in Turkey. The problem is, this isn't the only bar I found on our latest adventure in Africa that's made in Turkey. It appears that many Turkish candy bars are imported into Africa, and it appears that all of the bars I purchased fell into this category. So for the sake of keeping this review-a-thon going, I'm going to say that these snacks are things I purchased in Kenya or Tanzania, but not necessarily manufactured there.

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Monday, January 29, 2018

It's Part 1 Or Our African Candy Review-A-Thon!!! And It's A Little Salty - Krackles "Tingly Cheese & Onion"

All this week we're going to be posting candy reviews from candy we picked up on our recent trip to Kenya and Tanzania. Normally when I travel I go nuts picking up snacks from my adventures, but I have to be honest, this time I didn't find that much. It's not because Kenya and Tanzania didn't have much to offer, it's most because I was out in the middle of the savanna without any contact with the real world for most of our trip. Whenever I could though, I stopped in some of the local shops and picked up a few fun munchies and fortunately I found some pretty interesting snacks.

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Friday, January 26, 2018

Candy In The Media - Disappointed With Ernie And Bert

I'm kind of shocked that Ernie in Burt would admit that they like black licorice. It's one of the most divisive candies in the world, and to admit you like it is shocking.  Actually I can see Bert liking it, but I'm really surprised about Ernie.


Thursday, January 25, 2018

We're Back, And We've Got A New Review - Lindt Excelence "Extra Creamy"

For those of you not in the know, which might prove to be all of you, we've been away for the last few weeks in Africa. We're back now, and we're on board with a new review. This review has absolutely nothing to do with our trip to Africa, but next week we're planning on a special African Candy Review-A-Thon to show off some of our finds.

Click here to read about a chocolate bar that most certainly did not come from Africa.

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Friday, January 19, 2018

Most Notable Candy We Ate In 2017 - Crunchy Gummies

It's not often that I'm surprised by a gummy candy, particularly when it comes to texture. It's even more rare that I'm surprised by a gummy candies texture, and I like it a lot. This was truly one of the biggest surprises I got out of a candy this year, and I'm hoping for some surprises like this in 2018. I'm also realistic, because chances are that there are going to be some horrible surprises in store for me this year as well.

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Candy In The Media - Sesame Street, Penny Candy Man

This Sesame Street video not only makes me feel nostalgic for Sesame Street, but it also reminds  me of a time when penny candy used to exist.  Although I'm not old enough to remember when any of the penny candy actually cost a penny.


Thursday, January 18, 2018

Most Notable Candy We Ate In 2017 - Yawa Mochi Ice

This entry isn't  as much about the treat itself, but one of the ingredients of the treat. For years I've been eating red bean paste, a common sweet ingredient in Japanese snacks. Each time I'd eaten it, I'd always try really hard to like it. I don't have a complete displeasure with red bean paste, but I'd never really liked it. That was until I ate this Yawa Mochi Ice, and I discovered that I not only like red bean paste in ice cream, I love it. It's become such a thing that I'm going to likely keep an eye open for more ice cream treats with red bean paste in the future.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Most Notable Candy We Ate In 2017 - Lgantu

If I was to give this ice cream treat a category in our list of notable candy, I would say that it ranks as the most culturally insensitive and confusing package of the year. At first glance you  don't really think much of this package, but if you examine the character holding up the butterfly frozen treat it gets really odd. I'm guessing that whomever designed this package has  never actually been to anyplace in the north.

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It's The All New And Improved Chris, Why Would You Eat That?!! - Retro Star Wars Candy

This year we're looking  at updating Chris, Why Would You Eat That?!! with new graphics, and a slicker look. We're doing this because we like  to mount more and more work on our tables  every day.  This episode features a candy that we've been saving for a long time. How long, likely more than 10 years. This candy rates as one of the most most likely to earn a trip in an ambulance after eating it.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Most Notable Candy We Ate In 2017 - Jelly Beans

I'm still finding classic candies that aren't on my list of candies I've reviewed. It's hard to remember some of the classic candies because they're hiding in plain sight. They're in front of you every day, and you know you've eaten them 100 times, you just forget to actually take the time to sit down and do a proper review. This year we corrected one of the worst missing review mistakes that we could think of. The jelly bean is truly a candy classic, and up until this year, something that we'd never reviewed.

Click here to see if we thought jelly beans held up to modern candies.

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Most Notable Candy We Ate In 2017 - Chocolate Potato Snacks

On Friday I was just going on about how my favourite kind of snacks are creative ones. This is often the case, but in some cases it can lead to bad ideas. This is just such an idea. Strangely it's based on a good concept, chocolate and potato chips go really well together. The thing that turns a good original concept into a bad idea is execution. This is probably the worst salty snack we had all year, it was not only gross to eat, but disappointing as well. I'm divided about weather I hope other candy companies attempt something like this again in the future. I'd love to see it work, but I'm afraid of eating something like these again.

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Most Notable Candy We Ate In 2017 - Pik-One "4 Fingers"

When people ask me what my favourite candy is, I always go into a story about my favourite candy being something original and creative. That's because I have eaten hundreds of rip off/variations of classic candies. This one however presented an interesting problem, it was a rip off of a Kit Kat bar, but it had one really creative difference.  Was the difference an improvement that this candy company thought it could make on the classic Kit Kat, or was a method of making this bar cheaper. I'm still not sure, but it made for an interesting review.

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Candy In The Media - Ernie Buys Some Ice Cream

I think I'm on some kind of Sesame Street nostalgia kick, last week it was the Sesame Street video about a bubble gum factory, this week I found a great video featuring Ernie buying Ice Cream. There might be a few more Sesame Street videos on the way as well.


Thursday, January 11, 2018

Most Notable Candy We Ate In 2017 - Sour Patch Kids "Tricksters"

These Sour Patch Kids were a real surprise, and they make the list of notable candies as the best variation on a classic candy. I really enjoyed these because they kept up the classic flavours of Sour Patch Kids, but also added a layer of fun. They could have made these in a very lazy way, just by switching the flavours (i.e. all of the green gummies would taste like orange, all of the blue gummies would taste like cherry etc.) but they didn't. Instead you really had no idea what flavour you were about to bite into until you bit into it.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Most Notable Candy We Ate In 2017 - Wine Gums "Special Edition Canada 150"

These made this list of notables because this year Canada celebrated its 150th birthday. Of all of the Canadian treats and snacks that we came across, this one really resonated with me. The shapes included a skate, a loonie (our one dollar coin), and many other fun Canadian shapes. The best thing about these shapes is they not only represented my home and native land, but the cheesiness of the whole idea is very Canadian quirky as well.  The only way to make these more Canadian would have been to give them some Canadian flavours, like bacon, maple syrup, and poutine.

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It's A New Episode of Junk Fud On The Road, And This Time We're Talkin' About Australia

To many North Americans, Australia is a dream trip. I'm not sure if it's because it's so exotic, or simply because it's so far away. I say this because it's not really that much different than North American or British culture, particularly when you look at the food.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Most Notable Candy We Ate In 2017 - Ovalteenies

Yesterday we posted about the worst candy of 2017, today's notable candy review from last year is the worst looking candy... maybe even ever. Sometimes you come across candy that looks like medicine, but most of the time it looks like brightly coloured fun medicine. This looks like one of those herbal medicines you find in low end health food stores. The thing that threw me off most about this candy is the fact that it tasted pretty good.

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Monday, January 08, 2018

Most Notable Candy We Ate In 2017 - Jellies Mirch Masala

All this week and next, we're going to be re-posting some of the most memorable reviews that we came across in 2017. These reviews aren't necessarily the best, in fact this first notable review is the worst. It was so bad that it falls into the category of candies I would suggest for no one. I can't think of one person that would want to eat these gummies at all.

Fortunately we also happened to include these in an episode of Chris, Why Would You Eat That?!!. Unfortunately it was a treat that I decided to share with my young nephew. I actually lost a little sleep the night after recording this in fear that I might have poisoned him.

Click here to read how horrible this "treat" really was.

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It's A New Series Of Videos We're Making - Unwrapping Reece's Peanut Butter Cups

I'm not sure why we're making these videos, other than an excuse to shoot some time lapse and eat some candy (two of our favourite things to do). I'm not sure how often we'll post a new video yet, but I'm sure we'll find other treats to feature.

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Friday, January 05, 2018

Candy In The Media - Sesame Street Classic, Making Gum

This video is both nostalgic and fascinating.  First of all it reminds of the days when I was a regular Sesame Street viewer, and these kinds of videos would blow my mind. It's fascinating because watching candy getting made is always interesting.


Thursday, January 04, 2018

It's A New Candy Review - Energade Sports Jellies

I'm always intrigued by candies that claim to have a second purpose. In the case of these gummies, it's supposed to be some kind of sports drink replacement. Since I'm not very sporty at all, I can't say for sure if they worked. My guess is that they may have some of the same properties of sports drinks, but there is certainly one crucial aspect that they don't have.

Click here to find out how these measured up to real sports drinks.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2018

The Amazing Collection Of Cambodian Cookies

When you think of Cambodian cooking, the first thing that comes to mind is never cookies. You probably think of noodle dishes, pepper filled crabs, maybe spiders (a food more common than you'd think), but you'd almost never think of cookies. If you ever come and visit Cambodia, and you miss out on the cookies, than you miss out on some truly amazing flavours and textures.

No one gave me a tip to try Cambodian cookies, it was never a topic of conversation at any point. I discovered them fairly organically over the last few months while living here. The first hint came about when I saw several street vendors selling cookies alongside other vendors selling the classic street food in the area (they also sell bread on the street as well). The smells coming off of these cookie vendors is always great, but I never actually thought of buying any.  Then one day while shopping, we were poking through the Cambodian local snack section (likely looking for banana chips) when we came across a fairly big selection of cookies.

We picked up a couple of bags to try them out, and since then we now make it a goal to try every variety of local cookie we can.  The thing I'm not sure about with many of these cookies is the origins.  These could be cookies that were designed in Cambodia, or they could be imported recipes from other parts of the world. If they are foreign, than the Cambodian people have brought them into their culture and made them their own as well.  I still have many different varieties to sample, but so far here's what we've tried. I was originally going to post a list of suggested cookies, but frankly there has yet to be one variety I wouldn't suggest (with one exception).

Sweet Crispy Fried Dough Twists

I imagine that the name in Khmer is far more creative than the English translation on the package, because this bland name is no way to describe what I like to call the best cookie I've eaten in many years. It's a very simple cookie, but it works so well. Everything is in perfect balance with this cookie, the sweet and savory flavour is matched perfectly. The texture is hard enough that they give your teeth a bit of a challenge, but not so hard as to make them difficult to eat. The shape is so much fun because it gives you a puzzle to break apart with your teeth. These were the cookies that convinced me to try more Cambodian cookies, and if you're ever here, these are a must have.

Num Krob

I'm not sure what that means in Khmer, but it sounds a lot less appealing than they taste. The thing about Num Krob is that they take a little getting used to. They may look like Corn Pops cereal, but they're a lot harder. They also have a strange flavour that might be a little off putting at first.  I thought the flavour was a little fishy even. The thing is, if you manage to get two or three of them down, you'll find that the strange flavour either adapts to your taste buds or disappears. The flavour that comes next is much easier to handle. The thing that makes these so great though is the texture and shape. They're so fun to crunch, and so easy to eat. You'll likely find that you've gone through a whole bag in minutes.

Sunflower Seed Cookies

These likely have a more formal name in Khmer, as it appears the English name is just a description. If you're a little nervous about trying "strange" foods, than these are the best cookies to start with. They're very much like regular cookies, a light short bread almost. The flavour however doesn't have the buttery flavour that short bread has, instead it's got a nutty, sun flower like flavour instead. It's amazing that a cookie could take on the flavours of a seed that has such a subtle flavour.

Num Thong Noun (coconut)

Of all of the cookies on this list, these seem to be the most common cookies found in Cambodia. Again, I don’t know if they’re native to this country, but you can find them just about everywhere. This was the first type of cookie I found for sale on the street, and also the most common cookie you can find in the Cambodian made cookie isle of any grocery store. The cookie itself is kind of like a crunchy crepe rolled into a cone, often flavoured with a local fruit like coconut or durian. The ones pictured here are coconut, the durian variety might make an appearance in a future episode of Chris, Why Would You Eat That?!!

Coconut Cookies
These are probably the most unique cookie that we've discovered in Cambodia. I'm not sure what they're really called because we bought them from a lady in a market that spoke almost no English at all. The only way to describe them is to say they're kind of like a really dense meringue. When you pop them in your mouth they melt into a sort of paste.  They also taste a little bit of coconut. I can't say that I love these cookies, but I do love how original they are.

Kum Kontrorm
These are in fact the only type of Cambodian cookie that I've tasted that I just don't like. Maybe it's the fact that I bought these at a grocery store, maybe a bakery or street vendor might have better versions of these. As far as I can tell, these are basically small stale donuts. They're not very sweet and not very flavorful either. The problem is I have a whole bag of these to get through, and it's not going to be easy.


Tuesday, January 02, 2018

We've Just Posted A New Candy Review! - Hart Beat

The review's we're posting this week have a theme, and this theme comes together to form a clue. The clue is the answer to a question I choose not to answer, but I imagine you'll figure out at some point or another. Don't you love cryptic puzzles?

Click here to read this review, and make sure to look for clues.

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