Monday, October 11, 2021

Time To Check Off A Few Classics

I've decided that this week I'm going to have a review-a-thon. Normally I post a new review once a week, however during review-a-thons I tend to review more treats in a week. Most of the time the review-a-thons have a theme and this week is no exception. This week I'm going to look at classic flavours of Lay's potato chips that I probably already should have reviewed but haven't. I'm always surprised at some of the classic treats that I've not reviewed yet, and this week's assortment of potato chips is a great example. After all I've tasted more than 30 different flavours of Lay's potato chips already.  I'm starting off with the official classic Lay's flavour, and later in the week I'm going to review BBQ and ketchup flavoured chips as well.

Click here to check out the first very classic variety of Lay's potato chips.

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Friday, October 08, 2021

Monday, October 04, 2021

Canadian?!! I never knew.

Every so often I realize that a candy is missing from These are often candies that I consider to be the classics, but for whatever reason they've failed to be posted on the site. I feel bad about missing out on classic candies because I feel like there are a lot of people interested in reading about their favourites. This week's new review is a classic candy that means so much to me from a nostalgia standpoint, Luck Elephant Popcorn. The thing is, today I learned that this is likely not the case for most of you out there. That's because Luck Elephant Popcorn is apparently a Canadian thing. I'd always assumed it was an American treat that we imported into Canada, however today I learned that just isn't the case.

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Friday, October 01, 2021

I Don't Understand Candy Making

According to this commercial, in order to put an almond into a Hershey's Kiss, the predatory regular Hershey's Kiss must stalk his almond prey.