Thursday, September 28, 2006

Don’t laugh, we’re all adults here.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen these cute little bottles in my supermarket. The name has made me giggle (I know it’s juvenile but I don’t care), but I still never bother to get one. I guess I figured they’re too small to satisfy my when I’m craving a soda good time.

Well this week I decided that I was only building a wall between the Chubby, and me so I broke it down and decided to pick one up. I went with the ‘Kola champagne’ because of all the flavours this one made the least sense to me. After having had a sip I’m still not sure what flavour it is, it’s kind of ginger ale like but a little fruitier.

The best part of this treat though has to be the guy playing the bongos. Sure I like to sip a pop now and again, but to sip a pop that you have no idea what flavour it is and that entertains you with a cartoony guy playing the bongos is priceless.


From France PT 04

Our fine editor Allison is off in France for the next little while and she’s been sending us candy updates regularly:

When I got to the airport, I bit the price bullet and bought a couple of the chocolate bars I wanted to, for slightly more than I could have gotten them in vending machines.

I got the M-Joy and the Cote d'Or "Melk Noten" - both of them chocolate and hazelnut bars. It seems that chocolate and hazelnut is pretty popular in France. I also got something called "Crunch Snack" from Nestle. It seems like Nestle Crunch, but with wafers as well. We'll see.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It’s almost update day.

Well I’m really busy on Wednesday so I figured you wouldn’t mind if I updated a few hours before Wednesday. You’re not mad are you; I mean I wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings… Wait a minute, where are you going. I’m sorry… Can I make it up to you some how? What about a hug? What about a review of a classic Halloween treat but all gummied? What if I promise never to use the worried “gummied” again?

Well now that we’re friends again, I’ll also let you know that we just finished a new article and there’s nothing plain about it… Man I’m not doing well. See this article is about plain chips and I used the words plain. Man I should expect a few complaints on this update day, people always seem to think that I shouldn’t talk about chips because in their minds they’re not candy. Not sure what to think about that.


I’m a playa

If I hear one more time about how my work is all play and no hard work I’d like you all to take a look at a day in my real life. I work hard everyday to make this BLOG and Candy Critic into what it is. I write, I promote and I try and keep everything stream lined.

On a completely separate note I got a new super high score on Candy Drops on the Candystand Website today. 28718 points not bad… Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned it.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pack it up

Found this awesome photo collection of old packages. It’s got a tone of Candy packs.
I’m not a big collector of old candy memorabilia but in these cases the designer and the candy fanatic in me gets to shriek with delight.

Click here to check it out.


From France PT 03

Our fine editor Allison is off in France for the next little while and she’s been sending us candy updates regularly:

I went to my favourite grocery store. As usual there, it was hard to pick what to buy. Every time I look at the candy section, I discover new things.The weird thing is, if you're looking for something specific, you can't find it.

I made a list of chocolate bars I had seen in vending machines (almost all of which are in subway stations), but could only find one of them - and not even at that grocery store. I have checked out 4 different stores, with no luck.

The plan is to now get them at a vending machine, so they can at least be reviewed. With my luck, though, the subway stations I'm in from now on won't have them. We shall see.


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Busy weekend, no rest for me.

The funny thing about Candy Critic is the busier I am working on it the less it looks like I’m doing anything. I’m reviewing so many treats right now that I’m feeling pretty sick and I haven’t really been able to eat a full meal. I’m also working on a bunch of articles and improvements to the Candy of the Month Club section.
Speaking of articles I’ve been going nuts buying Halloween stuff for my upcoming article on crazy Halloween packages and because I don’t want to be short because my house last year was nuts. If you want to mash into the Candy Critic's Halloween buying bonanza there’s really only two ways to do it. Join the Candy of the Month Club or come by my house. Yup if you do and mention the site I’ll give you a sticker too, limited quantity though.
What do you think of candy related web polls?
Free polls from

Finally I’ve been thinking of adding some polls to Candy Critic, what do you think?


Thursday, September 21, 2006

A strange stick

I picked up these stick like cookies for a dinner guest the other day and had a few left over. I wanted to be sure that if someone visited they’d feel ok taking one so in my most clever of ideas I put them in a mug.
What happened then was a little strange, within a few days they started to unpeel. It would appear that the humidity (we’ve been having a bit of rain lately) had wrecked havoc on these formerly crunchy snacks.

Sure they’re still tasty, but where’s the pizzazz without the crunch.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Updates, get your red-hot updates!

Wow the weeks go by so quickly and the updates are just starting to sink in. I remember this first update I ever did, I was a young lad and I had just eaten a package of Sand Hill Bubble gum. Those where more innocent days, today instead we’re filled with images of gummy bugs that have centres that are red and blood like.
For those Candy of the Month Club members out there, or those that have thought about it but want to know what’s in them well here’s the deal.

This months members will receive:

Two Pro Pepe Pose, yup that's an upcoming review. A Cherry Blossom, from a Canadian to the world. A couple of packages of ULKER cookies, from Istanbul. Lots of Lotsa Fizz, it just seemed appropriate. A Kit Kat bar, because I love my members. These strange marshmallow and green tea things from Japan. And finally a pack of Mega Warheads Strips, not so great for the breath but it'll make you look funny.

If that sounds like fun to you wait until the next pack, our Halloween special. I’ve started early to be sure I get a crazy variety of Halloween treats so join up already!


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Halloween already?

It’s official; the stores are all crammed with Halloween stuff. From costumes for your dog to the only reason I exist (the candy) Halloween is in full effect. Not that it hasn’t already been going on, I’ve been seeing the start of the store rush to sell candy and costumes for the last month, but now it’s official.
When I walk the isles of my local store carrying Halloween fun times I can’t help but hear the complaints. “Halloween already, it’s not even October yet.” It would appear that Christmas isn’t the only holiday with Grinches. Why not start it a little early, don’t slap together that costume last minute, start thinking now. And for the love of god don’t just go out in a rush buying what ever candy you can find. Pick out some good stuff.

I recommend the treat featured in the photos. They’re Palmers ‘Creepy Peepers’ chocolate eyeballs filled with all kinds of cool stuff (caramel, fudge, and peanut butter). These are the best Halloween treats on the market; I assure you a bag of these will keep your house egg free. Oh and if you can’t find them and you want some I’ll tell you that the Halloween Candy of the Month Club pack will most definitely have them.


From France PT 02

Our fine editor Allison is off in France for the next little while and she’s been sending us candy updates regularly:

There is a vending machine with a couple of treats I haven't seen in the stores before. One is a "no sugar added" chocolate bar, with what looks like little rice crisps.

Each bar has 10g carbs... 5 are fibre, and 2.5 come from sugars. I assume that maybe the other 2.5 come from the chocolate or sugar alcohols? I haven't read the ingredient list yet. It will be challenging being only in French.

They were 1 Euro each. A little expensive, but I want to try one, so I bit the bullet and got one. But two came out! I don't think they're in the machine in twos, so I guess I got a little bonus. Yay!

Ate one. It was ok, not great. Maltitol inside. Took to about halfway through the bar to get used to the taste and start really liking it. Not quite Cadbury Delight, but rice crispies inside were nice although there were not enough of them. Might get it again for a dose of choco before I leave this country.


From France PT 01

Our fine editor Allison is off in France for the next little while and she’s been sending us candy updates regularly, here’s the first:

I went grocery shopping and looked around. I found some funky bubble gum with superhero tattoos on the wrappers. Much as I hate gum, I may still have to get a bag. Lots of cookies look interesting, fewer gummies than last time (no Haribo).


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Chocolate love all around

The following is a true story that just happened to me.
Now many of you might imagine that I only eat candy, day in and day out. It’s just not true, I eat regular food too and I recommend it to anyone. I was out this evening at my local Loeb store (a chain here in Canada) picking up what could be my second favourite food in the world, berries (both straw and rasp).

While in line waiting to pay for my fine berries the lady in front of me gestured and told me she wanted to step out of line for a minute to pick up a chocolate bar. It was a high quality Swiss bar, nice choice lady. When she returned to the line I told her “It would be wrong not to hold your place in line for a chocolate bar

(Not actual bar, just a photo of what I’m eating right now)

She then told me that for that I was going to get a piece and she opened her brand new bar and gave me the first piece. Chocolate love to her, I hope she gets a whole bunch of good karma for the next while.


Friday, September 15, 2006

Smile if you love candy

So as I had mentioned in an earlier blog I have an article coming out for a magazine here in Ottawa. As it turns out it’s for a magazine called Ottawa Magazine… That should make sense but no matter how I put it I even get confused. Either way, they asked if I would be nice enough do a photo shoot at my house for the article. Being modest and not interested in worldwide fame I was a little hesitant. Seeing as that last sentence was a lie you can imagine how cool I thought this was. So today was the day of the shoot.
Christina Riley the photographer had some crazy ideas, and I was just glad that I was able to make faces in front of other people rather than local stray animals (it’s a hobby). So needless to say the day was fun.

The lights burned my eyes, melted the chocolate, and probably boosted my power bill this month, but I’m happy with the shots and I can’t wait to see which one they choose.


Soft and warm

No Blogs yesterday? Well yesterday I was out doing a little last minute shopping for the Candy of the Month Club Members. I figured a trip to China town was the thing to do, so I poked around, and what did I find?
Well I’m not really sure. It looks interesting, and I’m guessing it has something to do with tea.

I read the back and I got a pretty good clue.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

CBC me

So I just finished shooting the interview for the CBC and it was a pretty good time. The show should air on the CBC news at 6 either Thursday or Friday. We started out at Sugar Mountain here in Ottawa picking and choosing some treats.

Then we came back to my house and did some on camera reviews. The cool thing was I decided to pick up a few things I’d never tried but always wanted too. So the looks are genuine I assure you… Let me just say after this I may not be getting some free samples from certain candy companies.

I wrote some notes and just in case you don’t see them on camera, here’s a little preview. Man this whole adventure would have sounded strange had it not been for the camera.


Updates, Updates, Updates…

It’s another update day for Candy Critic and let’s see what’s on the agenda. Man it’s a big one, lots to talk about. First of all today’s review is Crunky Almond, a cool little Japanese bar all filled with Almond with just a dash of Crunk.
There are also a couple of new articles online too. While shopping a little while ago I found those chocolate bar milkshakes on sale and I wanted to know once and for all how they compare to their chocolate bar counterpart. I’m not sure if my decision to chose a bar that’s named for it’s texture was a good idea but I’ve learned that my life is pretty choc full of not so good ideas.

Also the Candy of the Month Club section is now members only. The free ride is over. We have all kinds of new stuff on there this week including the new weekly editorial from me as well as a monthly editorial from Allison (very cool I might add). This section also includes the new episode of the Candy Critic Internet Films (it’s now a little longer with more stuff). The main bit in this episode is about me trying to play a better basketball game with the help of a piece of gum.


Monday, September 11, 2006

See Bee See

Hey gang, the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) is coming over to my house tomorrow to film a little show about Candy Critic and me. Not really sure what the whole deal is yet, but I’ll be sure to tell you all about it.
Now I have to figure out which is my good side.


The son of kings

Went to Kingston Ontario this past weekend, it was a little grey outside but all in all it was a good time. I got to try some fun new sweet treats out.
The first thing I tried was a… Well I don’t really remember what it was called; all I remember is that it had the word chocolate at the beginning. My opinion is simple, you’ll rarely lose if the treat you buy at the bakery has the word chocolate in it.

I may have to start re-thinking my opinion.

Later that night I had some kind of friend banana desert thing. It was like having chicken balls but instead of chicken there was a banana. Then they covered it in honey and you could even have ice cream with it. Good times I tell you.


Friday, September 08, 2006

Nestle is pulling my chain

So I was recently told about this great offer where Nestle is giving away free chocolate to all those that fill out this form. The domain ( seemed really fishy. So I contacted the folks at Nestle to find out what the deal was.

This is the e-mail I got back.

“Dear Mr. Stewart, Thank you for contacting us recently about Nestlé. We value your feedback and appreciate the time you took to share your comments with us.

We have read your email and are pleased to provide the following information in response to your inquiry. Our main website is and for a complete list of all Nestlé websites visit Also for any promotions please check your local Sunday paper or

At Nestlé, we are committed to provide you with products that meet the highest standards for taste, quality, nutrition and enjoyment. Your feedback will help us to improve our products and services, so that we continue to meet this commitment.

Again, thank you for your feedback. We hope you will visit our website often for the latest information on our products and promotions. If we can be of any further assistance, please feel free to call us at 1-800-387-4636, Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time.

Yours Truly…”

It really didn’t help too much. So I figured I’d call them and find out. When I called they really didn’t have a clue about the web site at all. They told me that it sounded fishy too (duh) and that it was probably a scam.

So if you go to this link, according to Nestle it’s probably a scam. But it may not be, but it probably is.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

What a dip

One of the new articles we’re working on here at Candy Critic is a best brand of chips piece (man I have to come with a better title than that). That leaves us at Candy Critic with a whole lot of regular chips sitting around, half eaten bags of regular chips to be exact. The other problem, if you want to call it that, is that I’m really lazy. I have no time to make up some dip, or chutney, or salsa. So my solution is to look around the kitchen and see what I can dip my chip into.

I started with the classic, sour cream. It’s really the base for most dips I know how to make. I only know how to make like two or three dips but generally sour cream is the first things I add. It’s cool, refreshing, and not bad on it’s own.

Second thing I found was butter. Now I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone with a heart condition or problems with cholesterol, or on a diet… Actually I wouldn’t really recommend this to anybody that wanted to live past 30. The problem is, it taste pretty good. Having said that I challenge anybody to find something that isn’t good with butter.

This one might be a bit of a cheat. It isn’t just one thing, however it was just sitting in my fridge, and maybe for a few days too many. Tuna Salad is awesome on chips; I know this because I normally put chips on my tuna salad sandwich.

I think I did this one more for the novelty than to be realistic, or so I thought. I figured chocolate taste ok on chips, why not something else sweet. As it turns out raspberry jam is pretty good on chips too.

Man is there anything that’s not good to dip your chip?


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wow time flies… on update day!

So here I am like a chicken with his head cut off wondering why in the world I do this. Then I bit into a fun new treat (this particular treat is going to be in the next Candy of the Month Club package) and I remembered, I have a horrible addiction to candy. Speaking of my addiction this weeks review is hot; this weeks review is everything candy is all about, this weeks review is… No I’m wrong, this week we watch a big candy company just sprinkle a few peanuts on a bar and call it new.

It’s not that I’m bitter or anything I just wish candy companies would be a little more creative.

This week is however the last week for the free Candy of the Month Club online content. After Friday you have to join, and why wouldn’t you. I mean your having a good time reading this aren’t you? And you could keep Candy Critic running; enjoy some cool content online all for as little as 9 bucks for 3 months. It’s a little investment and who knows what you could get.