Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jelly Belly Is Making Gross Beans Again

Once again, to celebrate the release of the last Harry Potter Movie, Jelly Belly is releasing another line of Bertie Bott's Beans.  A few companies have tried to make them during the movie franchise, but I feel that Jelly Belly truly lived up to what I would expect.

Click here to read more about the release.


How Important Is Ice Cream?

The Smithsonian has a great piece of ice cream history, they own one of the original Good Humor (a brand of ice cream in the US) trucks.  This just goes to show how important some sweet treats can be, the history of this company made a huge impact on many people all over the world.  They may have even changed the way we eat ice cream all over the world today.


Chocolate Factory Tours In Dubai

Candy factories aren't just limited to countries in Europe and North America.  All over the world people are creating treats and many of these companies are offering tours to watch them make these treats.  I came across this article about a chocolate maker in Dubai that offers tours of their chocolate making facility.

Click here to read about the tour.


Same Haircut

You can tell which is the boy and which is the girl by what they wear... right?


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reasons I'd Stop Being The Candy Critic

I'm always worried that one day there will be a reason that I have to stop being the Candy Critic.  I try hard to stave off the weight gain that would make me unhealthy.  The thing is there are so many other factors that could come up without my control, like diabetes, or braces.  These fears keep me up at night, do you think I should be worried?

Click here to read about why I'm afraid of braces.


Ice Cream Flavour Limit?

I've said in the past that I'm a sucker for interesting ice cream flavours, and I might have even implied that I had no limit when it comes to flavours I'd try.  Well I have a limit, and cicada flavoured ice cream cross that limit.  It's not that I'm afraid to eat bugs, I've done it before.  I just don't like bugs in sweet treats when the sole purpose is to gross people out.  I've never tasted cicadas before, but I can't imagine them tasting too good, so as a flavour there's just no point.

Click here to read about cicada ice cream.


Europe Street Food

Most people think that street food is something you only find in places like New York or California, but that couldn't be further from the truth.  Almost every place I've ever traveled has had some kind of street food to offer.  It's not just a North American thing either, Europe has a great selection of street food, and the variety in each country is spectacular.  Friends Eat has a great list of some of the not to miss street food countries in Europe.

Click here to check out the list.


Is This Complicated Or Am I An Idiot

Allison brought me home a little tin of mints from a conference she visited today.  The tin was so cute and I couldn't wait to see what was inside.  I grappled with the mints for about 5 or 6 minutes desperately trying to get it open, I eventually pride it open only to figure out that it was one of those lids that you simply push the center and the lid pops off.
Now I'm not an idiot, or at least I don't think I am, but I think a little sticker telling me to push the top would have been nice.  It's not that I have never seen tins that open like this, I just didn't know that this was one of them.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stuff That Smells Like Candy

Jelly Belly has just introduced a series of iPhone and Blackberry cases that apparently smell like Jelly Bellies.  For the most part I don't really like scented accessories only because they all have a certain series of smells that makes my life uncomfortable.  First of all, when you open the package the smell is overwhelming, and if you open it in public everybody will think you just had the most colossal but extremely nice smelling fart.  The next week or so are pretty much the golden times.  Your item will still smell however so will things like your pocket and your backpack.  After a few weeks the smell dies down, and if you're lucky you just have a nice case for your phone.  If you're not lucky the plastic smell starts to creep in and suddenly you're craving the day that everything you owned smelled like blueberries.

What I'm saying is I've had bad experiences with items that smell, I'm not saying these Jelly Belly items will follow this experience, I'm just leery.

Click here to read about the Jelly Belly cases.


Portion Size Works

Need the science?  Well click on the link bellow.  It's good to see that people are researching how good portion control can be for the world.  It's not about taking out sugar, it's not about guilt tripping people that like to eat sweets now and then, it's about not eating 12 pounds of sugar in one sitting.

Click here, read the science, tell me how it went.


Cheese, Cheese, and Nothing But Cheese

See these two slices of processed Cheese?  Can you guess what flavour they're supposed to be?
The first one is pretty simple, it's a little sharp and tangy.  Yup, it's Cheddar.
The second one is... well it's oily and has almost no flavour at all. Sandwich?!!  What kind of flavour is that?
I feel as though the cow on the package of "Vashe Qui Rit" is Rit-ing at me.
Only to make matters worse, take a look at the label on the back of each slice.  It says "open here".  Now does that mean open it in that direction or open it at that spot.  It doesn't matter to me because which ever I choose will be wrong.  I'm having a bad cheese day.


Is This a Joke

This seems more like a headline from the Onion than anything real, but either way it's hilarious.  According to this article a KFC location has decided to donate 1 dollar to help fight diabetes with the purchase of every Mega jug of cola...  Seriously, is this a joke?

Click here and tell me if it's a joke or not.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Growing Too Big Too Fast

Here's a great story of a chocolate company that got an offer that was a great opportunity to grow, but they realized that they might be growing too fast.  There is a line with chocolate and candy companies where you go from making great hand made treats, to making factory made (still high quality) treats.  No matter how hard you try you can't avoid changing your treat once you start production on a large scale.  The trick is to make sure you don't lose the loyal candy fans you already have.

Click here to read the article.


Candy Store Roundup

I've recently come across so many articles about candy stores that I thought I'd compile it into one post.  I love reading articles about independent candy store owners and candy makers because it tells you so much about the passion people have for sweet treats.

Click here to read about Webb's candy shop in Florida.

Click here to read about the Cocoa Mill Chocolate Co. in Virginia.

Click here to read about the Ortega Oaks Candy Store in Cleveland.

Click here to read about Ellie's Candy Lane in North Vancouver.

Click here to read about a family of candy makers in Florida.


Ritter Sport Bars, Fun Fact

A friend of mine told me a fun little fact about Ritter Sport bars.
The reason they're square and not long...
Is so you can hide them in your front pocket as a surprise.  The creators of the bar wanted a treat they could hide in their pocket for their kids when they where playing soccer.  So the square, perfect pocket fit, design was invented.


Why Is Chocolate Good For You?

There are many articles posted all over the internet telling you why chocolate is good for you.  Some focus on the technical ingredients in cocoa that are good for you. Other focus on the scientific studies that say it's good for you.  I can tell you one reason why chocolate is good for you without any scientific jargon at all.  Chocolate is good for you because when you eat it you're happy, and there are already too many unhappy people in the world.

Click here if you want to learn more about the technical stuff.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pudding And Cookies

Once again I dropped the ball and didn't manage to sync up my review with an awesome candy related holiday.  Today is "National Chocolate Pudding Day" and for this occasion I'm reviewing a new Twix variation bar called "Fino".  So what does the Twix Fino have to do with chocolate pudding?  Absolutely nothing at all.  The only relation I could possibly create is the fact that the key ingredient in a Twix bar is the cookie, and cookies with chocolate pudding is spectacular.

Click here to read the new Twix Fino review.


Friday, June 24, 2011

No Place To Complain About Groceries?

Ad Age has just posted an article that deals with the issue of user feedback on groceries.  They're argument is that you can complain about just about anything on the internet, except groceries.  I have to disagree with that, I mean it doesn't take much to make up a blog and complain about anything you want... even candy.

Click here to read more.


Made Out Of Chocolate

Lindt has just posted a list of "10 Interesting Things Made Out of Chocolate".  It includes some simple really clever ideas, as well as some very complex pieces of art.

Click here to check out the list.


Cool Packages

I came across this list of some great package designs, some are real, some are just concepts.  But I think it's about time all companies started giving this much creative thought towards how they present their goods.

Click here to check out some more cool packages.


Creepy Ice Cream Truck

My friend Stephanie recently shot this video of an ice cream truck in her neighborhood.  The music makes the situation super creepy because it appears to be playing "We wish you a merry Christmas".


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fine Art + Pre-chewed Bubble Gum?

One might not make the connection between fine art and gum that has be spit out on the street but a British artist has done just that.  He's decided that those little specks all over the street should be turned into something beautiful, and he's taken on that task.  He paints intricate designs on them and leaves them for the world to see... or step on.

Click here to read more about Ben Wilson's gum art.


Random Candy Fact

The island of Crete used to be one of the biggest supliers of sugar in the world.  The original name for Crete was Candia, the word "candy" comes from this name.

It might be true, it might not be, but I read it somewhere.


Creative Ice Cream Flavours

I could read 100 articles about creative ice cream flavours.  There are some truly amazing people out there making strange and amazing flavours of ice cream.  The only problem I have is that insane craving for ice cream that I get after reading these.  Sadly I rarely find anything as tasty as these articles describe.

Click here to read the latest article that I've read on the subject of ice cream flavours.


Caramel Nutrition 101

Although I don't doubt the claims made by this advertisement, I can't say that I would ever search out caramels in order to stay healthy.  I seek them out regularly because I want something tasty.

Ad found on Vintage Ad Browser


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dealing With Sweet Cravings

I can't say that I disagree with the advice given in the article below about how one should deal with sweet cravings after dinner.  However I would like to ad one more suggestion, make sure when you do eat sweets that it's satisfying.  Eating sweets in  moderation if the sweets you eat are high quality and satisfying to your palette will help deal with cravings.

Click here for advice on how to curb your after dinner sweet tooth.


Strange Science

I don't always claim to understand most of the scientific information I post on this webpage.  I may understand the basics, but for the most part the technical jargon goes right over my head.  However once in a while I read an article that just seems impossible to me "New US technology reduces allergens in peanuts".  I can't even imagine how they do this.

Click here to read for yourself.


Chocolate Buffet Tomorrow

If you happen to be in Atlanta tomorrow, you might want to check out the 11th annual Chocolate! buffet.  It's for a good cause and... oh yeah... there's going to be a whole lot of chocolate to sample.

Click here to read more about the event.


Chip Delivery Truck

Over the last week or so things have been rather hectic here in Athens and for me in general.  I've been so busy that I started not enjoying all the cool things that I do.  Then while watching some chaos from my balcony I saw this truck.  It made me want a bag of chips, it made me smile, and it made me remember why treats are so cool.


It's National Chocolate Eclair Day

So get out and taste some cream filled, chocolate covered, puffy pastry.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jello Art

Check out this great interview with a couple of British guys that create some fantastic Jello art.

Click here to check it out.


New Kit Kat Bar "Chunky3"

I just read a description of the new Chunky3 Kit Kat bar and I'm baffled by one particular portion of this description:

"Nestlé has launched a new addition to its Kit Kat range, the Kit Kat Chunky3, which features the brand's signature wafer, topped with three breakable chunks containing three separate textures - fudge, crisp and sauce."

What the heck is "sauce"?  I consider gravy to be a kind of sauce, so does it have gravy?  I also consider getting sauced to be valid, so is there booze in it?

Click here to read more.


Chocolate Companies Seem To Fear China

It's not that they don't like the Chinese people, it's just that China is apparently more partial to salty snacks over sweet ones, or so this article leads me to believe.  So what can the candy industry do to sell candy to make money with China's new economic growth?  Well it can adapt a little.  I mean this industry spends billions of dollars on developing new candy and they're worried about people who want something a little different?  It's kind of sad that candy companies feel they have to push their own agendas rather than just making snacks people might like.

Click here to read more.


Cookie Design

I just read a really fascinating article all about the designs found on cookies.  The article focuses on the design of the Oreo cookie, but also talks a bit about the process and the history of all cookie designs.  It's pretty amazing how much detail and thought go into something so yummy.

Click here to read the article.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Cupcake Decoration Success or Failure

Hostess just announced that it's putting out limited edition baseball cupcakes that are "vanilla icing and red icing resembling the stitching on a baseball."  Having not seen one yet I can't tell you how they look, but sometimes these types of decoration can be spectacular, and other times...

Click here to read about the cupcakes.


Getting Married?

If you want to celebrate with a bit of a global theme, check out this list of some of the best wedding treats from around the world.  Some are sweet, some look tasty, some are just gross.

Click here to read the list.


Today Is National Ice Cream Soda Day!

It's also National Vanilla Milk Shake Day as well.  So I'm guessing that when both of these holidays fall on the same day, your local malt shop will be packed.  I hope you made a reservation.


Learn About Some Chocolate Experts in Lake Norman

I don't know where "Lake Norman" is, but I assume it's in South Carolina.  Either way it appears that they've been blessed with a man that not only knows how to make great sweet treats, but he likes to share his gift with the world.

Click here to read more about this couple.


Chocolate Covered Chips and Stuff

Cakespy from Serious Eats has a fun little article all about experimenting with dipping salty snacks in chocolate.  The inspiration started with Cheetos, but they expanded their horizons and quickly learned that few things are not improved once covered in chocolate.

Click here to read more.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mikey Inspires Another Review

One of our regular followers Mikey has a fun habit of e-mailing us in the blue and telling us which treats we've forgotten to review.  Although I get fairly regular e-mails on this subject, Mikey seems to have a certain gift in this area.  First of all he's consistent about his e-mail suggestions.  Secondly, and most importantly, he always suggests treats that I feel bad about not having reviewed.  He has a real instinct for knowing and finding treats that need to be on my review list.  So thanks again Mikey, and keep them coming.

Click here to read the Mars Bar review... as suggested by Mikey.


Friday, June 17, 2011

What's A Chocoist?

I've never heard the term "Chocoist" before, but this article from Istanbul seem to use the term associated with a chocolatier or at the very least chocolate expert.  The article is pretty interesting and the term is one I might start using.

Click here to read the article.


Did You Know?...

Did you know that the creator of the Pringles Can was later buried in one?

Click here for more on this strange fact.


Chocolate Exhibition In Orange County

If you find yourself in the state of California, and more particularly in Orange County, you might want to check out the Chocolate exhibit at the Muzeo Museum.

Click here to read about the exhibit.

Click here to check out the Muzeo website.


Great Looking Candy Documentary Called "Shelf Life"

I just checked out this great trailer for a documentary about candy, and I thought I'd pass it along. Here's a bio from the filmmakers:

"For 60 years, Lanzi Candy Company was one of dozens of family-run confectionaries that, along with candy giants Brach's, Mars and Fannie May, gave Chicago the title Candy Capital of the World.

Now, 25 years after Lanzi's candy was last produced in Chicago, entrepreneur Jerry Ostermann has set out to bring Lanzi's Cashew Nut Crunch back to the city. One problem: he has neither the recipe nor the machinery to make it.

Filmmaker Michael Lahey, whose grandfather Elmo founded Lanzi's in 1920, follows Jerry's quest to get Lanzi's back onto shelves and into the mouths of Chicago’s candy connoisseurs. At the same time, Lahey rediscovers his immigrant family’s remarkable history, and unwraps his city’s sugar-coated past. Shelf Life reveals what it takes to satisfy a city's sweet tooth in a story both personal and universal–– a story of love, greed and confectionary secrets."

Can't wait to see the whole film.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beer and Chocolate Pairs

I've posted many times about wine and chocolate pairings, and it makes sense.  Wine is after all considered one of the classier of the alcoholic beverages, and chocolate is considered one of the classier candies.  But frankly I don't like the idea of elevating chocolate beyond the taste buds of everybody who doesn't raise their pinky finger when they drink tea.  Apparently neither does Lindt chocolates.  They've created a great list of perfect pairing for beer and chocolate.  To be honest the more you think about it, the more it makes sense that these two flavours would go together.

Click here to check out the list.


Better Lollipop Wrapper Design? Now That's Science I Can Get Behind

I just heard that scientists (the coolest scientists in the world) have developed a lollipop wrapper that keeps your lolly fresher, for longer.  I think that's great news for lollipop fans all over the world.  I, however, don't think this is the end.   I think these same people need to develop a lollipop wrapper that can allow you to re-wrap your lollipop easily, for later consumption.  I mean how many times have you been halfway through a lollipop and you have to stop eating it?  Wouldn't it be great to be able to re-wrap it up for later?

Click here to read the latest advancements in lollipop technology.


Visit a Congressman (or Woman) and Get Some Free Treats

According to this article in the New York Times, when you visit a Capital Hill (in the US) many of the offices are filled with free treats.  Many of the representatives stock their reception with treats that represent their district, including sweet treats.  The photo from this article has sold me enough to want to take a tour.

Click here to read more about Congressional snacking.


Don't Forget Dad This Year

Father's day is quickly approaching (June 19th) and maybe you want to give him something a little different this year.  Instead of giving dad a tie, or a cheesy card that plays the theme from Star Trek, you could get him some candy.  What if your dad loves candy, but he also loves beer?  Don't worry, we have a solution.

Click here to find out what to get him for fathers day.


Simple Slogan That Is True

In this old ad from the 1980s, Brach's Candy calls itself "The Candy Store Candy".  This has to be one of the most appropriate descriptions for Brach's candy that I've ever seen.  Brach's is in fact one of the most common candies you'll find in just about every candy store in the US.

Ad found on Vintage Ad Browser.


Today is National Fudge Day

I'm not really sure in which nation but for the sake of keeping this simple, let's just say that it's every nation.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Small Yet Awesome Candy Stores

My favorite place to explore, whenever I travel, is small independently owned candy manufacturers and candy shops.  They're really a great place to see the candy makers and store owners personalities as well as check out treats that you might not find anywhere else in the world.  Here are 4 links to articles about some small time candy entrepreneurs and they're personal heavens full of sweets:

Click here to read about a lollipop maker in Kansas City.

Click here to read about a small store in Burlingame.

Click here to read about a pair of Woodstock chocolate makers.

Click here to read about a classic shop in Iowa.


Aw Nuts!

Mental Floss posted some quick facts about your favorite nuts.  Did you know that a Filbert and a Hazelnut are in fact different nuts?  More importantly did you know that the reason most people think they're the same nut is a nut marketing conspiracy?

Click here to read more.


Summer is Here...

That means I should be eating a lot more ice cream than I do in the winter.  To get warmed up (or cooled down I guess), here's a couple of links all about the cold milk we love so much.

Click here to read about the floating ice cream truck in London.

Click here to read about 6 of the best ice cream shops in San Fransisco.


Win a Trip On a Fighter Jet

Reese's is offering one contest winner a chance to ride on a fighter jet.  The only thing that makes this any cooler is the fact that to win you have to eat chocolate.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bars For a Good Cause

I love it when candy is used for a good cause.  It's great because not only do you get a sweet treat, but others get a few dollars to help good causes.  Take for example this Denver based chocolate bar company that's helping troops overseas.

Click here to read about the troops.


Healthy Candy Debate Continues

The debate about health and candy continues with no end in sight.  The problem I see with this issue comes from understanding candy eaters.  What candy companies, and myself, want to know is "when you eat candy, do you care if it's healthy?"  We want an honest answer too.  If you're looking at a chocolate bar, does it cross your mind that it may have some health benefits, or are you just looking for a sweet treat?  The problem is some candy companies believe that if they mention any health benefits on their package then you might be prone to choose it.  Other candy companies, and myself, believe that health claims on packages can be misleading.  I also believe that if a candy tells me it's low in fat I won't be attracted, however if it says that it's "super yummy" I will be.

Click here to read more about the debate.


Street Food Is Awesome

I'm a huge street food fanatic, so I was skeptical when I came across Friends Eat's list of "The Best International Street Food".  I say this because I've had many a strange meal in many a dark alley, some great, some made me sick for days, but it's pretty hard to nail down the best of the best.  But after reading just a few entries I was convinced.  They even got Poutine from Canada, and that's some of the best street food int he world.


Goodbye Blackberry Chewy Lifesaver. Hello...

If your favorite Chewy Lifesaver flavour is blackberry, I have some bad news for you.  It appears that they've decided to discontinue them and replace them with a flavour to be determined by folks on Facebook.  The choices of new flavours include orange, blue raspberry and lemonade.  Having not sampled any of these new flavours and going on name alone, my choice is for blue raspberry.

Click here to read more about the flavour changing event.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Greek American Chocolate Shop Turns 100

It's not easy to keep a candy company in business for 100 years.  Think about it, all of the economic ups and downs, people's change of taste, surviving the 70's (now that was a wacky time in American history).  But Supreme Chocolatier a candy store/manufacturer in New York, founded by a Greek American, has done just that.

Click here to read more about Supreme Chocolatier.


See, It's Not All Boring

This morning I posted about some of the the realities of candy shows.  I might have given the impression that candy shows are mostly dull with a hint of fun.  Well the video above might change your mind about that.


Justin Bieber Likes Chocolate

So what's the big deal if Justin Bieber enjoys a little chocolate now and then?  Who cares if it makes headlines that he brings some girl and his grandfather to a chocolate shop in his home town?  Why should I care?  It's not like I'm jealous.  I'm sure he deserves a line of chocolates named after him, and a bunch of free samples.  After all he's Justin Bieber, he's famous for... what does he do again?

Click here to read about the chocolate store visit.


Testing M&M's Strength

My friend Chris sent me the image above.  Now I don't like to throw around the word genius, but until they come up with a better word to describe a really smart thing that somebody has done, it will have to do.


Candy Show News

Have you ever wondered what happens at a candy convention?  I can tell you, it's both spectacular and remarkably boring all at the same time.  The spectacular aspects are pretty easy to imagine, there's candy everywhere, there's cool looking booths, and there's often dressed up mascots running around.  The boring is a little surprising for most.  Candy is a big business, it makes a lot of money, so there are a lot of people wondering around in suits, making "deals", and generally not being fun.  Both are essential in a candy convention, however whenever I visit a candy show I choose to ignore the boring.

Click here for some video highlights from the Sweet and Snack Expo that shows off both.


New Art, That I've Been Working On

This isn't really candy related at all, but I wanted to show off my latest art project to you guys.
The series is called "Senses" and I'm really proud of it.
You can click here to check out more.


Last Japanese Degashi Review

Well today is the end of the Degashi Review-a-Thon, and I hope you had fun.  I sure had fun trying so many strange candies, but frankly some of the I hope I never have to try again.  It's not that I didn't enjoy trying them, it's just that they tasted horrible and I don't want to try them again.

Click here to read the last Degashi candy in the Review-a-Thon.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Little Strawberry Degashi Candy, and It's Peanut Butter Cookie Day!

I'm sure if I had any forethought I would have tried to review a peanut butter cookie type candy today.  Instead I'm caught in the middle of a Japanese Degashi candy Review-a-Thon, with no peanut butter candies around to review.  I apologies for my candy reviewing faux pas, but I can assure you it will probably happen again.

Click here to read the latest review that unfortunately has no peanut butter cookies in it.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Degashi Doesn't Have To Be Sweet

Just like all candy, in my book at least, Degashi doesn't always have to be sweet.  In this case it's a small salty snack with a very inappropriately racialized character on the package.  I think it would be neat if North American candy companies started to produce smaller treats that weren't necessarily sweet.

Click here to read the latest review in the Japanese Degashi Review-a-Thon.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Art Made Out Of Other Stuff

I love art made out of candy, it's both beautiful and yummy all at the same time.  Cracked posted a list of  "9 Mind-Blowing Pieces of Art Made With Ridiculous Materials" and you can bet candy makes an appearance.

Click here to see the list.


Some More Information About Smoking And Candy

Wouldn't you know it, I just came across this interesting study that talks about how regular chewing gum can actually help with nicotine withdrawal.  So although, as I posted early, candy and smoking have some similarities.  Candy might be a way to help quit your smoking habit, now I wonder how one quits a candy habit?

Click here to read about the study.


Tobacco And Candy

I've found that there are many candies that look like tobacco products, Pocky, Big League Chew, Popey "Candy Sticks".  I've also found that there are many tobacco products that look like candy, those long brown cigarettes, some cigars look like chocolate bars, and so on.  If you think about it, smoking and candy often serve a similar purpose.  They both provide a moment of physical pleasure and also give you something to do with your hands.  You could argue that smoking is worse for you than eating candy, but they really do have their similarities.  It's no wonder that both of these industries keep crossing paths, much to the dismay of public health groups.

Click here to read about one such cross over.


Sounds Like a Candy Party In Jeffersonville

If you're in the Jeffersonville area this weekend, you might want to stop by the Schimpff's Confectionery location to join what looks like a really fun candy party.

Click here to read more about the party.


Jello Drop

Ever wonder what Jello looks like when it hits the ground?  Well now you don't.


Fun... Fishy... Chocolaty... Reviewy...

Did you know that some say Degashi in it's current form is a result of the Meiji period of Japanese culture.  This was a time when Japan was starting to open up its doors to western ideas and culture.  The great thing about this culture is that it was not a western take over of a culture, but instead it was an incorporation of some western ideas into the culture.  Pretty cool no?

Click here to read today's Japanese Degashi Review-a-Thon review.


Thursday, June 09, 2011

Creative Advertisements

I just came across this collection of advertisements called "25 Creative Ads Featuring Cute Food".  I particularly liked the chocolate shoe (shown above) and the Jello Dinosaur (not shown above).

Click here to check out the whole list (including the Jello Dinosaur).


5 Chocolate Trends

I just read this list of chocolate trends and I have to say I'm kind of disappointed.  First of all, many of these ideas don't seem trendy or at the very least more trendy then they already are.  Chocolate spreads for example have been pretty popular for the last... 20 years.  That's like saying "Hey everybody, have you heard of this peanut butter stuff?".  I'm also disappointed in the 5th trendy treat, aerated chocolate, only because it seems more like a way for candy companies to cheapen out on chocolate than something people have been asking for.

Click here to check out the list.


Chocolate Bum

I came across this very sexy ad for ice cream, further proof that sex can sell anything and the Europe is a little more liberal with these kind of things.

Found on I am bored.


Little Disks With a Candy Shell Filled with Chocolate

No, I'm not talking about M&M's.  Nope, not talking about Smarties (the British/Canada version) either.  I'm talking about my latest Japanese Degashi review for this weeks Japanese Degashi Review-a-Thon.  Sure they're similar to both of these treats, but they're different enough that I could fill 3 paragraphs into this review.

Click here to read the review.


A Candy Perfume

This one seems even more unlikely than candy jewelry: candy perfume. It does, however, exist, and I'm so glad that Rosa at ZOMG, Candy! made me aware of it. It sounds like this candy is the result of a collaboration between BENEO, a Belgian innovator in health and nutrition, and Alpi, a Bulgarian confectionery company. The candy is made with ISOMALT, a sugar replacement made from sugar beets, and geraniol, which is derived from roses, lavender and vanilla. In essence, the geraniol, after being consumed in the slow-dissolving candy, will be secreted through the pores, creating a long-lasting perfume effect.

For a more scientifically accurate explanation, here's what BENEO has to say about the new product.

Hershey's In Some Hot Water

A group of people protested in front of the Hershey store in New York yesterday.  They were apparently accusing the company of using child labour in the production of the companies treats.

Click here to read more.


Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Naomi Campbell is Not a Diva

Or this is what she told the world after an advertisement from Cadbury suggests that she was.  I've never met the woman so I can't say for sure, but I'm sure the people at Cadbury where just joking around and didn't mean any harm.  Maybe they could do a follow up campaign, lay off here possible "divaness", and focus on her lack of humor.

Click here to read more about the ad.


Creative Gummy Bear Art

I love this photo of a gummy bear skin rug.

Found on Boing Boing, click here for a bigger version.


Diamonds and Pearls and... Chocolate?

I just had to share this: Heather over at Candy Addict found this awesome jewelry company that makes... wait for it... Chocolate Jewelry! The collection includes earrings, necklaces and a chocolate ring. Each piece features a chocolate malted milk ball, decorated with edible gold leaf.

Check out the entire collection on Wendy Mahr Jewelry's website.

I Don't Understand Japanese Anime.

There I said it, I've seen a few Japanese Anime movies in my day, and only about half of them made any sense at all.  I still consider myself to be a geek/nerd, but I just can't get into this genera.  This became abundantly clear to me when I saw a new advertisement produced for Meiji in Japan for their gummy treats.

Click here to learn about the ad.

Click here to check it out for yourself, warning it doesn't make any sense.


Little Japanese Coloured Dots

Some Japanese candies are really clever, some taste fantastic, other are down right terrifying.  These can easily be identified as one of the most mundane Japanese candies that I've ever eaten.  Sure there was a bit of thrill when I took my first bite, but that's just because I couldn't read the package so I had no idea what I was eating.


Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Can Jello Shots Be Classy?

Jello shots don't normally have the reputation for being something one would serve on a silver tray at a "function".   However this idea seems to be changing.  The folks at Martha Stewart look into the idea of Jello shots as being a classy treat. And I'd say if the folks at Martha Stewart are even looking into this, then it's on the way to be appropriate.

Click here to read more from Martha Stewart


The Candy Expo Is Over

It's been a few years since I've been able to make it down to Chicago to enjoy the largest candy show in North America.  I'd really love to go back and check it out some day.  When I did go I had a great time and I got to meet a lot of really great candy people.  Now all I get to do is read about it later and feel a twinge of jealousy when I see the free swag they had on offer.

Here's Serious Eats show wrap up.

Here's an article about what Jelly Belly brought to the show.

Click here to read about how sweet treats are vanishing from the show.


Stop Cravings By Thinking About Food

In what I can only describe as one of the most bizarre ways to stop cravings, Friends Eat suggests a technique that involves regularly visualizing the food you want to eat, but shouldn't.  They also suggest doing these visualizations while eating other food that doesn't taste as good as the food you want to eat.  I can see how this might work, but I'm not %100 convinced.  As of late I've been getting many tips and trick on how to stop cravings, so I think a Candy Critic experiment is in order.  Check back later.

Click here to read more about mental dieting.


Chocolate University: Is it Worth Enrolling?

A couple of months ago, Chris discovered an article about Chocolate University online and he shared his initial thoughts on the program. A curriculum that revolves around tasting chocolate can't be too bad, right?

After looking over a preview of the first lesson, however, I have to say that I'm a little more skeptical. The program is 40 weeks long ($19.95/month), with one lesson arriving conveniently in the students' inboxes each week. The first two weeks deal with milk chocolate, the next two with dark chocolate, then chocolate tasting, a couple of weeks focused on specialty and single origin chocolates, and then a few weeks of a chocolate play-off of sorts.

Now, I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a purist, so starting with lessons on milk chocolate makes me wary right off the bat. This might be simply a personal preference: I can understand how milk chocolate could be a considered the ‘lowest common denominator’ and therefore a suitable starting point for chocolate neophytes. In my opinion, however, it seems much more logical to analyze and appreciate chocolate in a more pure form, before introducing the additional milk, caramel and vanilla notes that exist in milk chocolate. (Again, I'm no expert, and Bryn Kirk certainly does have credentials- she spent 10 years in R&D for Ambrosia Chocolate Company.)

Curriculum aside, I have significant doubts about the cost-benefit value of enrolling in this course. I recently read Discover Chocolate by Clay Gordon, founder of In 150 pages, Gordon provides a complete understanding of chocolate, covering every aspect from cocoa harvest to wine pairings. His writing is sophisticated yet approachable, unlike the rather dumbed-down version provided by Chocolate U. In the first chapter alone Gordon provides a thorough and interesting guide to chocolate tasting, something Chocolate U fails to do in their eight page first lesson. Further, because I borrowed it from my local library, this guide to connoisseurship was completely free. Call me crazy, but the idea of paying $19.95/month for something I can get for free doesn't seem like a particularly 'sweet' deal.

Another Japanese Degashi Review?

The thing about Degashi is, in Japan it's really popular.  I find this interesting because much of the world is interested in Japanese treats and Japanese culture, so it's always cool to find out what Japan is into.  It's as if eating these treats I'm given the inspiration that feeds the machine that inspires a great deal of the world.  I just hope my candy musings can inspire a little as well.


Monday, June 06, 2011

"Rock on Candy Critic"

A few years back the folks at Chocotelegram sent me some chocolate to review. They sent me chocolate letters spelling out the words "Rock on Candy Critic".  At the end of the review I asked anybody if they could come up with an anagram for this true statement and I finally got one from regular contributor Mikey:

“Accord city corn ink.”

I don't know what it means but I appreciate the effort, thanks Mikey!


Volkswagen's Edible Ad

Making the rounds on the internet is the news that Volkswagen's created a magazine advertisement that is completely edible.  It's a pretty cool idea and if I can find one I'm going to give it a taste.  What I'm wondering is why no candy companies came up with this idea first.  It seems like the perfect fit.

Click here to read more about the edible ad.


Greek Birthdays Are Pretty Cool

Here in Greece the tradition on your birthday is a little strange, compared to what I'm used to.  Here, rather than simply receiving gifts, on your birthday it is your duty to bring in sweet treats for your friends and co-workers.  I like this tradition, particularly today.  For today, for a friends birthday, I got a couple of really yummy almond cookies.


The Difference Between Americans And Canadians

If you go abroad one of the things you'll discover is that most people assume that Americans and Canadians are pretty much the same.  In some cases that's relatively true, we speak the same language, we enjoy watching television, we both drink beer (although Canadian beer is much better).  But there are a few differences that set us apart, and we can now add snacking preferences as one of them.  According to a survey Canadian snack fanatics prefer salty foods to sweet, Americans prefer sweet.

Click here to read about the survey.


The Brownie Origins Are a Mystery

According to this article I found in Friends Eat, the origin of the brownie is a bit of a mystery.  All they're fairly sure about is that it was created in the US, and that it probably happened in the early 1900s.  Not only is the origin a bit of a mystery, but according this article the definition is also a little hazy.  Apparently the only thing a brownie really needs is dark chocolate.

Click here to read an article that leaves you with more questions than answers.


Japanese Review-a-Thon Update

I forgot to mention yesterday when I started this review-a-thon, that it's not just about Japanese candy.  It's a little more specific than that.  This review-a-thon is about Japanese Degashi candy.  Degashi can best be described as retro Japanese penny candy.  It's not the stuff you'll find in every store in Japan today, but it's treats that many people have fond memories.

Click here to check out the latest Degashi review.


Sunday, June 05, 2011

Food Art

I tend to be a fan of all things whimsical, so when I stumbled upon this post featuring the work of Christopher Boffoli I just fell in love. Tiny people and food- what could be cuter?

The post on My Modern Met also has a great little interview with the artist (it goes a but deeper than my "oh that's adorable". Enjoy!

Do You Think You're Turning Japanese?

Well it could be true, it could also be that you're just super excited because it is day one of the Japanese Candy Review-a-Thon!  Yup I've got a stellar line of up strange and fun Japanese candy set up for this week, and maybe even a little beyond.  Every day I hope to show you something from Japan that you've never seen before.

Click here to read today's Japanese candy review.