Thursday, September 30, 2010

I've Made a Mistake

Yesterday I posted a blog about how parents should deal with Halloween treats this year. In that blog post I mentioned that one of the suggestions of giving the candy to charity was silly, I officially change that. I just came across an article with a truly wonderful way to donate any candy this year. Read it, learn from it, and maybe start a candy food drive for those overseas right now.


Pumpkin Shortage is Over

"Pumpkin lovers can relax: A nearly year-long shortage of the canned stuff is over." I have a few questions about this quote. Are there really such thing as pumpkin pie lovers? I guess I can see it happening, I'm not a big fan but some people might really miss these round treats. Now my second question is did you even notice the shortage? I didn't, but I guess that's because I don't really look for pumpkin pies. My final question is, wouldn't a true pumpkin pie lover be OK using fresh pumpkins and not really care about the canned stuff? I'm just asking is all.


Armenia is Looking Out For Their Candy

Not only did they recently make the largest chocolate bar ever, but now the president of Armenia has made an official visit to a candy factory. That kind of attention is great for their industry and makes me want to sample some Armenian treats.


Greek Is Trendy

Did I ever time my move to Greece well. According to the folks at Kraft and Frito-Lay the Greek flavour is the next big trend in food. Both companies are set to release a whole bunch of new products celebrating Greek flavours. Now you guys can taste what I'm eating.


Cadbury Wrapper Changes, Recipe Does Not

Cadbury has decided to take the "glass and a half of milk" off of their wrapper and replace it with 426 ml of milk instead. Apparently it's to appease those that aren't really sure what a glass and a half is, and to those that actually care how much milk is in their chocolate bar. Frankly I don't care about the exact measurement of milk in my Dairy Milk bar, I'm more concerend that they don't change the recipe and ruin the bar.


A Look At Dragon Beard Candy

I can't say I've ever tried or even heard of Dragon Beard Candy but this article from SF weekly has a great write up on the stuff. I think I might have to add this to my list of must try candies.



What kind of bird lays a Nestle Bar Egg? Is this how they're made?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's a Parent To Do For Halloween

I just read this article that features tips for parents to help keep their kids from eating too much candy over the Halloween season. There are some good tips here and some that just seem pretty lame. The strangest idea I read in this article is the idea of giving away some of you candy to charity. This sound more like dumping your candy problems on the poor.


Chocolate Quotes

Ever wanted to read an article that had more quotes about chocolate crammed into it than any other?


Financial Troubles at Necco

It's always sad when a candy mainstay is being threatened with closure. It's even sadder when the closure is not from people's lack of interest in the candy, but bad investments and financial troubles that are unrelated. I sure hope someone can come and help these guys out, because they make some of the greatest classic American candy ever.


Chocolate Festivals In Florida

I just got word that there are a few chocolate festivals planed int he Florida area in the next few months. I recommend checking them out, in fact I recommend checking out any festival that has a close association with chocolate no matter where you are.


Do You Really Know Where Chocolate Comes From?

I just read this great article about the story behind many cocoa farmers and how much they really contribute to western culture. The sad thing is many people don't really think too much about where there chocolate bar originated and all of the steps that brought it to you.


Chocolate + Orange Juice

Look at this glass of refreshing orange juice. It seems fairly normal, right?
Look a little closer (and maybe learn to read Greek) and you'll see that this orange juice is not as simple as it might appear. In fact this is chocolate flavoured orange juice. After writing all about my love of chocolate in my breakfast yesterday, coming across this was a dream come true. Then I tasted it, and I realized, I may have discovered on method of ingesting chocolate that is not very much fun at all.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dear Santa...

Hey Santa, I've been good this year. Maybe you could just... well...


Vending Machines Just Got Creepy

The most important part of any vending machine experience is choice. However a new vending machine in Japan might take this a little too far. Apparently these new vending machines have the technology to scan people, the weather, and other factors in order to suggest the best drink for each individual.


Lollipops In The Mail

Nothing makes me happier than getting mail. Even if it's not candy, I love getting mail.
However when it's a bag of lollipops from Yummy Earth, I do get an extra spring in my step.


It's National Strawberry Cream Pie Day

And all I have to celebrate is this picture off a strawberry funnel cake with ice cream. This photo, although yummy looking, does not fill the gap that I have right now for a celebratory slice of strawberry cream pie.


The Comic Nerd In Me Is Pleased

Hostess has just released a whole line of their cake treats with super hero themes attached to them. I'm particularly interested in the "Flash Cakes". There's a contest going on as well, but comic themed cakes is really reward enough in my book.


Flavours For The Holidays

So what flavour combinations do you see as being hip and trendy for the holiday season (I Assume this means American Thanksgiving). According to the article below it's going to be rather strange combinations of sweet and spicy. Not spicy as in hot however, but spicy as in herb like spice. I'm not sure if I agree with these predictions, at least in my house.


Kit Kat Is Working On Fair Trade

I just read this article about a special edition Kit Kat coming out for Christmas this year and apparently the whole run will be made with fair trade chocolate. Nestle claims that they want to eventually make every Kit Kat with fair trade chocolate but at this time there isn't enough fair trade chocolate to handle the huge production that goes into Kit Kat.


Chocolate Breakfast In Europe

The most important meal of the day is breakfast. The most un-chocolate filled meal of the day is also breakfast. That is, unless you happen to live in Europe (or at the very least have European sensibilities). Just about every breakfast option in Europe contains some kind of chocolate, in fact a quick glance at the cereal isle will prove that. I'm not just talking about sweet cereals like cookie crisp, or choco-monkeys either. I'm presently in the middle of a fine box of chocolate/strawberry special K, that's right chocolate, and it's got to be healthy, it's special K.
But it's not just cereal either, most morning pastries in Europe also contain loads of chocolaty goodness.
And if you happen to pick one morning pastry that lacks chocolate, Nutella (a European staple) is at your service.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Sweets In Flagstaff

If you ever find yourself in Flagstaff, I have here a great listing of places that cater to the sweet tooth in all of us. In my travels and readings I've come across so many great sweet tooth meccas all over the world. My question is are there any places in the world that don't have at least one great sweet treat shop?


Jimmy Fallon Cotton Candy Madness

I just checked out this clip of Jimmy Fallon totally screwing up the process of making cotton candy, and it was great. I don't know why, but for some reason every time you mix comedy and a cotton candy machine it's pure comedy gold.


You Could Be In a Bazooka Joe Comic!

The folks at Bazooka Joe sent me some info on a great contest happening in two weeks in Toronto:

"The “Bazooka Bubble Gum Blow-Off” will be taking place at Eaton Centre in Toronto on October 9th and begins at 1pm. Everyone ages 5+ is welcome to enter the contest. All contestants must register on site the day of the event and all minors must have a parent or guardian fill out a permission form.
There will be 3 different age categories:
5 to 10 years
11 to 15 years
16 years and older (adult category)
To the winner of each age category, we are planning to award a hot pink iPod Nano.
The three finalists will compete for one grand prize—the opportunity to be the first person ever on the planet to be written into a Bazooka Joe comic. The comic will go into circulation with the gum in Canada. The person will also win a huge supply of Bazooka Bubble Gum.
There will be music, giveaways (bubble gum samples, Bazooka Joe eye patches, t-shirts, etc.), and much more!"


Great Bakery In Athens

While on a long walk through Athens, Allison and I decided to stop at this bakery for a quick snack. Everything on the shelf looked absolutely fantastic, behind the main counter where several large tables with two chefs working feverishly on creating new treats, so it appears everything is made in store.
Best of all the staff was attentive to us but not pushy. In our tired just having taken a really long walk state this was just the type of place we needed to recharge with a sweet snack.
Then it happened, after picking a couple of small treats (pictured above some baklava for me and Allison got a round nutty cookie thing) the lady told us that they where free. This is a brilliant way to keep customers coming back. We got a free taste of some very yummy snacks and we will be coming back, we will recommend this place to all of our friends, and I am plugging this place on my blog.


Chocolate Tech

This December in Germany there will be a conference on "chocolate technology". It's pretty amazing how much the candy industry still has to room to update considering it's been around for thousands of years. I'd love to go to this show and see what the chocolate of tomorrow is going to look like.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Some S'mores Techniques

I just read this article that not only waxes nostalgic about s'mores eating in the fall, but they also have some great suggestions on s'mores recipes/techniques.


Ban On Sugary Drinks Includes Chocolate Milk

Florida is looking at banning all sweet drinks from their public schools. This ban would include chocolate milk, and some parents are complaining that chocolate milk should not be considered in the same category as other sweet drinks.


The Folks At American Licorice Treat People Really Well

American licorice has on many occasion sent sweets to me for sampling and to just generally enjoy. They seem to care about me, their customers and according to this article they also care about their employees too. Their factory in Indiana was rated as the most healthy place to work in the whole state. You'd think working in a candy factory wouldn't be good for you, but strangely enough people who work in the candy business actually have their fingers on the pulse of health as well. Congratulations guys!


Canadians Are The Number 1 Snackers

Or at least we tend to do it more often. Is that something to brag about? Well I think so, but it might be because I'm a Canadian and I'm also a professional snacker.


Peeps Pumpkins Covered in Chocolate

I love the fact that the folks at Just Born have decided to extend the Peeps treats into more holidays than just Easter. See, traditionally Peeps were just little marshmallow chicks that you could really only get around Easter time. Now they have all kinds of treats for so many holidays, snowmen for Christmas, chocolate covered pumpkins for Halloween. What I look most forward to is when they decide to branch out into less mainstream holidays.


Hey Look It's an Ice Cream Cone Making Robot

And the giant smiley head doesn't make it look at all creepy. Not to mention the skimping on the portions, come on robot ice cream guy, you're a machine you don't care if your boss yells at you for making the cones too big.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

What The World Needs, Is More Pez

For the first time Pez is going to be made in more than one location. Before the only Pez factory was found in New York, but now they've just opened a new plant in Hungary as well. More Pez for us all, YAY!


Finland Planing To Tax Candy

I always thought of Europeans as being really liberal and easy going. I also thought of them as being great lovers (and experts) in candy. I can't understand why in the world they would want to tax chocolate, candies and other sweet treats. It just seems wrong.


New Wonka Store Just Opened In New York

The first ever Wonka store just opened in Toy's R Us at Time Square, and it looks fantastic. I love Wonka treats and what better place to have a candy mecca than in a toy mecca. I am a little surprised they didn't open the first store in London, since the company started there. I also hope they open up more of these, in particular it would be nice to have one in the ground floor of my apartment.


Pairing Foods A Shopping Trend

I just read this article about how grocery stores are setting up products (such as chips and pop) in such a way that they pair up well and entice people to buy both. The only reason I posted this article is because the other day I was in a grocery store and I saw the greatest pair up ever. Cling wrapped to a bottle of cheap wine was a package of spaghetti. They where sold as a pair, and for 3 Euros a great way to start a cheap date.


If You Live In South Carolina Then Cancel Your Plans For Tonight

Cancel you plans and head out to the "Death by Chocolate: A Chocolate and Champagne Affair" at the Crown Plaza resort. The event is a chocolate tasting extravaganza and it all goes towards the local Girl Scouts. Now what ever happened to just selling cookies?


Battery Acid VS Sour Candies

I just read this article comparing the level of PH in certain candies to that of battery acid. Now I'm not a marketing guru or anything but I imagine that if you told kids that certain candies where as powerful as battery acid you'd probably sell more treats.


Little Known Fact About Wrigley's Gum

I think Wrigley's should use start using the slogan again to sell more gum.


If you have a Carvel Ice Cream shop anywhere within a reasonable driving, walking or short flight from you, go right now. Today, all day, they're giving away free ice cream... Stop reading this and go!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Great Looking Old Fashion Candy Counter

I just read about a place in Kansas City called Lauren Alexander that has just installed a great looking classic candy counter. Nothing makes me feel more nostalgic about candy than an old fashion candy counter.


Chocolate Crops Saved By Ugly Toads

Apparently in Indonesia there is a problem with a parasite known as the "yellow crazy ant" (you can't make names like that up) that is non-native and killing off other ants that are good for cocoa plants. So a research team has discovered that a certain breed of local toad, that loves eating these ants, is the best answer to making sure cocoa crops stay healthy. Nature is just so strange and wonderful all at the same time.


Best Ketchup Bottle Design Ever

Look at this awesome ketchup bottle that we found at the restaurant 'Gourmet Burger. I 'can't understand why this is not the standard for ketchup bottles instead of just a red tube. Do people not know that ketchup is made from tomatoes, is this something we're trying to hide? This does lead to one question though, if a ketchup bottle is supposed to look like a tomato, what should a mustard bottle look like?


Doritos Finger Nails

I'm always on the look out for strange and wonderful images involving candy, or at the very least snack related. I scour the internet daily for stories and photos of candy and every once in a while I come across a picture as cool as this.


Happy National Ice Cream Cone and White Chocolate Day

I'm thinking the best way to celebrate this would be to eat an ice cream cone with white chocolate ice cream.


A List of The Most Dangerous Food Ingredients

Yahoo has posted a list of what they call the 9 "most dangerous food ingredients". While I do agree that limiting your intake of foods suggested in this list is a good idea, I don't think I'd call them dangerous. Dangerous food to me is food that claims to be healthy but is in fact not at all. A bad fad diet is much more of a problem than an ingredient that should be reduced in your daily intake.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Wrigley's Gums... I Want Samples!

Gum flavours are really starting to get sophisticated. Back when I was a kid we thought that peach flavoured gum was as strange and wonderful as it might get. However the folks at Wrigley's have just come out with a new series of gums based on classic deserts.


Top Global Brands

I just checked out this list of the top 100 global brands in the world and I was a little shocked by the lack of candy companies. Sure Coca-cola was number one but the highest ranking non-drink candy manufacturer was Nestle at number 57. Companies like Cadbury and Kraft didn't even make the list at all.


The Food Channel Announces Some Trends in Snacking

Chips are going gourmet, snack cakes from the past are more and more popular. These are just some of the trends coming from a new poll looking at some of the most popular treats in the US. The one that impressed me most (and makes me say I told you so) is that apparently smaller portion sizes are becoming more and more trendy. This is great news, as I've always said, it's better to go with quality over quantity, you'll always be more satisfied.


Some Bazooka To Sample

The nice folks at Bazooka just sent me a bag of gum to sample. They also tell me that they have a big event planned for early next month, so stay tuned.


Haribo Truck, Haribo Truck, Haribo Truck!

Do you know what makes me so happy about this Haribo truck? It might have been full of Haribo stuff.


New Candy Related Book

I've just heard about this new book called "The Candy Shop War" that sounds a little like "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and a little like "Harry Potter". I'm a big fan of books about magic, and you pretty much know how I feel about candy, so I might give it a try.


Today Is National Pecan Cookie Day

And I don't have a picture of a pecan cookie that I can post, however I do have a picture of the tools that will be eating one this afternoon.


The Biggest Continents Biggest Candy Store

A resort in Singapore has just opened the largest candy store in Asia. It apparently has a huge selection of treats from all over the world as well as the largest lollipop tree in the whole world. I think a trip to Singapore might be in order.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Lawrenceville Knows How to Deep Fry

Apparently the Lawrenceville state fair is a hub of deep frying... well anything. They've attempted many candy treats (although they say the deep fried Klondike Bar is in the future) and apparently they're known for a special twist on the deep fried pickle.


Chicago Treat Tour

This article below features a tour of some Chicago spots to feast on treats. Eli's Cheesecake World and Long Grove Confectionery Chocolate Factory seem particularly interesting to me.


Get Ready For The Annual Genoa Candy Dance

The good news is there is both candy and there is a dance (although I'm not really sure if it is candy related). The bad news is apparently they're scaling back on the varieties of candies available this year, and I'm not really clear as to why.


Are All McDonald's The Same?

I'm here to argue no. Many people believe that places like McDonald's basically have the same menu, the same choices, with little to no variation. Here's why McDonald's in Greece are better than the ones in Canada. First of all they offer little forks to eat your fries. It's not that I really need a little fork to eat my fries, it's just that it's so cute.
The main difference however is that McDonald's in Canada (and maybe the US) don't put tomatoes on any of their burgers at all. The tomato is one of my favorite garnishes and I'm so happy to find a few burgers here that grant me that fine fruit.


It's Not Just About Taste, Texture, or Novelty...

Although these are important parts of eating food, or in my case candy. Some new research is looking into what other factors may play a role in how we enjoy (or don't enjoy) eating certain foods. The most interesting addition is that of sound which explains my love of munching bags of chips during rock concerts.


Pot Ice Cream

This is what I don't understand about North American culture. The police raid one house because they sell cookies laced with Marijuana, then another place advertises its new pot laced ice cream and it's OK. I know the technicalities are that one is for medical purposes while the other is illegal. I also know that each province and state has different laws regarding medical use and such. My question is this, have you ever stolen a scoop from your parents carton of ice cream when you where a kid? The biggest complaint about drug dealers dosing up sweet treats is that kids might get their hands on it, how is this stuff any different. I'm not pro or con marijuana, I am however pro consistency in stupid reactions.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Texas State Fair Treat Preview

Apparently every year in Texas they have a great contest in order to find not only the best treat in the State Fair, but also the most creative. This years contestants are enough to make me drool in my ten gallon hat. Some entries of note; Fried chocolate, Deep-fried s’mores Pop-Tart, and Texas fried Frito pie, I'm sensing a theme.


A Look At Swiss Chocolate

This article is a very detailed and comprehensive guide to Swiss chocolate. As I would agree with this author, Swiss chocolate is some of the best in the world. Now that I'm living a little closer to Switzerland I hope to have a chance to sample many Swiss chocolates from the source.


Main Chocolatier and His Award Winning Chocolates

I always like to hear success stories of small time candy makers doing well. This article is about a man in Main that's built himself a big following and a few awards in the chocolate making business. One of the great details that he incorporates into his treats is fresh locally found items such as blueberries and locally made beer. This is a great way to make creative and high quality treats if you ask me.


Ice Cream Magic

I'd like to see Chris Angel or David Blaine try any of these tricks.


Cocoa DNA Discovered

Have you ever seen "Jurassic Park"? How about "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"? Well imagine both of those movies merged, now imagine that it's not a movie, it's reality. Science has apparently broken down the cocoa genome and will soon be able to build bigger, better, and faster cocoa plants. The future is here and it'll either kill us or make us invincible.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Greener Packaging = Better Packaging?

Bellow is a very detailed article about some of the greener measures many candy companies are taking with their packaging. What I want to know is, are those cardboard trays that chocolate bars used to come in green? Those things made eating chocolate so much easier and would often result in less broken chocolate bars due to their patented chocolate bar saving technology.


Lindt Is Blogging

I know a lot of companies use Twitter and Facebook to promote their products but very few seem to use blogs. I think this is a shame because I often want a little more information about new products as well as a forum to ask questions about products. A blog is a great way to do this. If anybody else knows of a candy company with a blog let me know about it.


Hot Tamales Contest Has the Best Name Ever

"Hot Tamales Hot Seats Sizzle on the Sea", so you can assume it will be warm I guess. You can also assume that someone with a lisp, like Sylvester the Cat, might spit a lot while saying this.


California Candy Recall!

If you've found yourself enjoying a "DaiJyoBu Ginger Candy" you might want to read this article. Apparently some of them (imported from China) have been found to contain lead. I'm not sure what one does after they may have consumed lead, but I'd recommend not going for seconds.


Cellophane And Chips

Boing Boing posted this great ad explaining the virtue of eating chips wrapped in cellophane. Best of all is the tag line they put on the bottom.


Cereal Swaps

The today show recently featured a collection of cereals that they deemed to be unhealthy. Then they featured a bunch of cereal substitutes that are "better for you". I was skeptical at first, then they suggested I throw away my "Chocolate Chex" cereal and switch it for "Cookie Crisp"... I like this idea.


High Fructose Corn Syrup Re-named

Corn over the last few years has started to get a really bad rap. In particular high fructose corn syrup is not well liked by many people. In an attempt to change the image of this sweet syrup, The Corn Refiners Association has decided to try and change the name of the product to "corn sugar". I'm not really sure how this will help that much, unless a majority of the people in the world are idiots... are you an idiot? Maybe a better plan, if it is possible, is to make an argument as to why high fructose corn syrup isn't as bad as people say.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Great News, Worse Pun Ever

The US candy industry has decided to pledge a whole lot of money to end child laybour in Africa on cocoa plantations. This is great news and even if chocolate goes up a little in price because of it I'm still in support of the plan. I can't however support the horrible pun used in this article on paragraph 2. "But it is a bitter reality that the main ingredient in chocolate, cocoa..."


New Dairy Milk Bliss

Cadbury is set to launch a new milky chocolate bar this October called the Dairy Milk Bliss. From what I can tell it will come out in Europe only so far but it will probably get around pretty quick (now that Kraft owns Cadbury). The most interesting part of this release isn't the bar itself but rather the nail polish promotion that's going with it. Apparently they plan on releasing a set of nail polish colours that I can only assume will be white and brown.


Best Baklava Ever!

Being here in Greece I've decided to start a new quest in life, I want to find the best Baklava ever. Now for those that are unfamiliar with baklava, simply put it's phyllo pastry, nuts, and honey baked into a super yummy sweet treat. It comes in hundreds of varieties each with a taste all its own. Above is the newest front runner in my quest. I purchased this delectable treat in a little bakery in Hydra about two hours from Athens (by boat). It was just the right amount of sticky and the phyllo pastry was so rich it blew my mind.


Kraft Presents Interactive Vending Machines

Kraft is set to test out a new series of vending machines that are totally interactive. Each have touch screens offering consumers information on ingredients, new campaigns and maybe even entertainment. This all sounds like so much fun, but what I want to know is if these new vending machines will also let me know when one of the treats is stuck in such a way that if I buy one, two will come out?


Fine Wine and Chocolate Event In Boston

If you're into chocolate, I imagine you are since you're reading this blog, and you're also into wine, then head over to the Wine and Chocolate event in support of the Stoneham Theater. I love it when candy can help out the arts.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Asheville Area Mountain State Fair

Every single time I find an article about the food at a state fair I just can't help but drool. I know that 90% of the stuff they talk about isn't healthy on any diet, but deep fried everything and giant portions of meat just sounds so yummy.


People Like To Touch Their Food

According to this article people like to see and touch their food before they buy it. Basically people would rather buy food in person, then to buy food on the internet or through catalogs. I have mixed feelings about this, first of all I love exploring candy stores and have yet to gain the same feeling browsing an online store. However some things are just not available in stores and I hate to think about all the people touching my food.


No Gum

I love this sign asking patrons of an outdoor theater that gum chewing is not permitted. Much better than the cliche silhouette of someone blowing a bubble.


Best Chocolate Box Ever

While reading an article about chocolate, Ramadan, and dates, I saw a picture of what could possibly be the most over the top chocolate display ever. Does eating your chocolate out of a giant ocean liner really improve the experience?


Atlantic City Candy Show Ending Today

Today is your last day to check out the 'Candy, Gift and Gourmet Show' in Atlantic city. Apparently they have all kind of treats and demonstrations guaranteed to make you drool.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Chocolate Shop In Napa

I've just been updating the "Candy Critic Map" to show all the great places around the world to buy chocolate, candy, ice cream, and sweet baked treats. I'll be updating it will all kinds of stores including this one I just read about in Napa.

View Candy Critic in a larger map


Candy Fusion

I'm sure you've heard the expression "fusion" before in regular cooking, it's when two styles of cooking mix together in order to create a super dish. Well "candy fusion" is pretty much the same thing, however it seems to happen less often. That's why whenever I read about an industrious candy maker fusing two types of treats together I get excited. In the case from the article below it's classic chocolate making and Indian spices fused together. It sounds wonderful.


Happy National Peanut Day

Without the peanut we couldn't have so many snacks... like these giant Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for instance.


Gummy Bears Laced With Drugs

So I come across this article that's talks about a recent drug bust where several gummy bears where found to be laced with LSD. The article reads as if this is a new and disturbing trend in the drug world. I agree that it is disturbing, just because little kids might mistake them for regular gummy bears. But I'm guessing that this isn't the first time this has ever happened, I'd even guess that this sort of thing happens often.


My First Greek Food Addiction

After being in Greece for a matter of days I already discovered the food I'm going to miss most of all when I leave. They're called Koulouri and they're kind of like a cross between a bagel and a soft pretzel. So far I have only eaten them plain, but I feel that a little cream cheese, nutella, or tzatziki could only make them better.

Craving Godiva In Istanbul?

Godiva has apparently opened its first shop in Turkey. If you've never tried their treats I highly recommend it no matter what country you live in.


Jane's Chocolate Find

My friend Jane recently came across a chocolate shop in Peterborough Ontario with what can only be described as some of the best looking treats ever. Here's what she had to say:

"These chocolates tasted as good as they look.
The independently owned chocolate shop showcases the artistry of chocolate making. They had some traditional standbys like caramel and mint but many of the truffles available were unusually flavoured. I only picked out 4, but they had about 20 available, and choosing was difficult. I can't wait to go back and pick out a few more.

From left to right:
Chai Tiger - Chai Tea: they got the spices and black tea notes of this one exactly right, and the texture was so smooth.

Aztec - 4 peppers: In some ways this was a very traditional dark chocolate truffle, but it had a hot spiciness that accompanied the dark chocolate flavour.

Madras - curry/coconut creme: I would have never put curry and bitter sweet chocolate together, but it works amazingly well. It was more of a savoury experience instead of sweet.

Polar Bear - White Chocolate: White chocolate through and through, I don't know if it was good, because someone else ate it! I'd give them the benefit of the doubt."

CC and Jane

Worlds Largest Chocolate Bar

It's official, an Armenian candy company has produced the worlds largest chocolate bar, apparently beating out an Italian company that got the record in 2007. Apparently they're going to break it up into little pieces and give it away. My dream would be to take the first bite right out of the bar, unbroken.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Some People Hate Spiders

After seeing this commercial you will probably hate them more.


Greatest Name For a Bakery Ever

Cake Monkey is a California based bakery that sells sweet treats and also has the distinction of having one of the coolest names for a place producing sweet treats ever. They appear to sell classic treats, however they also sell "pimped" up versions of classic treats like Ho-Hos and Pop Tarts.


Frito-Lay Trucks Are Going Green

I love it when treat companies make changes in their production to better the world. I only love it when they make changes and these changes don't affect the product itself. I'm not saying you can't change the product, I'm just saying that I better not notice the change. The folks at Frito-Lay have decided to start using electric trucks for delivering their products. See, great for the environment, yet no change in chips, good job Frito-Lay!


New Candy Related Facebook Game

It's called "My Sweet Shop" and the idea is to make treats from scratch and sell them to (fake?) people. Now I'm fairly new to this Facebook game world (I've never played Farmville) but I've decided to give this game a try and see how it goes.


What I Saw At The Airport

Flying for me is always kind of disappointing on the candy front. Most of the candy available is fairly average and totally overpriced. Worst of all in a Canadian airport there was little emphasis on Canadian treats.
I was particularly disappointed to see this collection of "British" candy available at the airport. Most appeared to be treats that are available in Canada as well. Worst of all they charged a premium for them without offering some truly uniquely British content.
The one shinning grace for my airport adventure was this absolutely massive M&M advertisement I found.


No Milk Chocolate

I just read this article about Callebaut offering a no milk chocolate bar and I think it's a great idea. However it made me think a little about how we use cocoa and why it's always paired with milk. I think I want to start hunting down new ways people use cocoa without the addition of any milk. The only one I can think of off hand is that some Mexican chefs use cocoa in their guacamole and that works really well. Are there any other uses of cocoa that you can think of?


One Bag of Marshmallows Please

Do you like Lucky Charms cereal, but those pesky bits of cereal keep getting in the way of the crunchy marshmallows? Well fear not, now you can buy a whole bag of the floaty coloured bits with no trace of any kind of healthy wheat guaranteed.


This Summer At Candy Critic

Here at Candy Critic this summer we're going through a few changes and hopefully going to update, create, and even expand, on all kinds of fun candy content. Our first major change is that we've relocated ourselves into Europe, more specifically Greece. Don't worry though, we'll still be reviewing and writing about treats from all over the world. We're also going to be focusing on a few print publications which we hope to role out in the next few months, namely a calendars and books. We also have grand plans on updating the look and feel of Candy Critic and making it a little cleaner and easier to surf. None of these new changes are going to affect the blog or the site and soon we will be back to updating with a new review every week.


Thursday, September 09, 2010

Funnel Cake Logic

Here's the thing about funnel cakes, they look great, they taste great, but they're always filled with regret. My best guess is that funnel cake regret comes from the quantity one generally eats. Funnel cakes are massive, and since they look good you often figure you're in for a yummy huge treat. However the minute you get to or near the end chances are you're about ten seconds away from barfing. The folks at Boing Boing posted what I imagine is the best ad ever to help out with funnel cake regret. It's sure to make you skip the funnel cake and maybe go for a corn dog or candy apple.


Lollipops That Look Like Cigarettes In China

Chupa Chups has released a package of lollipops that's supposed to look like a package of cigarettes in order to try and convince smokers to quit and take up lollipop eating instead. Unfortunately many people are complaining that it influences kids to take up the bad habit. I have a difficult time believing that eating candy that looks like cigarettes really influences people to start smoking at all. In fact I'm convinced that what makes people want to smoke is cool kids, you know, the ones that smoke.


3D Skull Cake Pans

I'm always happy when home cooking and my love of death metal music can come together into one sweet little snack. Not Martha has a demonstration using a cake pan that's shaped like a skull sure to entertain friends and family, particularly if one of your family members is Alice Cooper.


Smart People Eat Mentos

Or so this ad would lead me to believe.

Jones Soda Is At It Again

I love Jones Soda, in particular I love their Fufuberry soda. But every year the folks at Jones come up with a weird and wacky flavour that probably taste really bad. A few years back they offered a case that had all the flavours found in a Thanksgiving dinner, and this year they're offering Bacon and Pizza flavoured soda. I can't say I've ever tried any of these strange flavours, and I can't say I'm that interested either, it seems to be way more gimmick with a guaranteed gross result.