Friday, January 18, 2013

Candy News

We've decided to change a few things here at Candy Critic, and one of the things we're changing is how we deliver candy news.  It used to be that we would have a daily post all about what's new in candy news.  We're changing things up a little bit, instead we're going to post a weekly round up, every Friday, of the top news stories we've come across   For the regular news you'll have to follow us on Twitter where we'll post the news as we get it every day.

Since we haven't posted any news over the last few weeks, here's a few stories to get us started from the last few weeks:

So which cup are you going to drink that hot chocolate out of, does it matter?  According to science it does.

While you're deciding which cup to use for that hot chocolate, why not read "The Surprisingly Manly History of Hot Cocoa"

What are the latest trends in potato chip flavours?  I'm saddened by the lack of sweet in this list.

I'm told that homemade marshmallows are a completely different beast then the ones you get in supermarkets, here's some instruction on how to make some yourself.

Necco is going to start to let you write your own love messages on their hearts, I'm betting obscene messages will not be allowed.

I know that dark chocolate is supposed to be good for you, but now science is saying that white chocolate might also be good for you, the message I'm getting is chocolate is good for you.

Blue is the new red, according to science many of the chemicals used to make things blue might not be healthy to eat.  Now that makes me feel blue.

Want to change the way you look at Corn Flakes?  Then read this article "Corn Flakes Were Invented as Part of an Anti-Masturbation Crusade"

Here are six foods that can make you smarter, and yes, one of them is chocolate.

Little Debbie is making her own Twinkies, so are they better than the ones Hostess made?

Werther's is looking to update their image as an old mans candy, I suggest adding racing stripes.

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