Friday, April 26, 2013

Candy News

US candy companies are having a little trouble buying sugar because of some new government regulations, it could drive some companies to move, or go out of business.

You know the fun, wholesome game Candy Land?  Well it's still fun, but not so wholesome.

I believe that candy and dessert are two different monsters, most of the time, but occasionally they collide into something amazing.

Did you know that if you shake a can of Coca-Cola up like crazy, and you're way bellow the ocean surface, nothing will happen.

Speaking of Coca-Cola, how do you like yours?  From the tap, from the can, or from a bottle, are they actually different?

A chocolatier in Kalamazoo is offering youth with a criminal record a chance to make something sweet with their lives.

Here are some really tasty sweet and salty treats available at the happiest place on earth.

Here's a really great tip on keeping your hands clean while you eat Pringles.

Carl's Jr's new ice cream sandwich sounds fantastic, particularly the part about the Pop Tarts.

If you're thinking of robbing a bank, my I recommend that you don't use bubble gum?

Could you write a sadder headline? "Cupcakes are Dead."

According to some new studies, chocolate may in fact cause acne, it's a sad day for chocolate loving teenagers.

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