Friday, June 28, 2013

Candy News

This article talks about ways to make chocolate more healthy for you by adding extra ingredients.  How about you just eat the chocolate after a well balanced meal.

Nesquick has sponsored an art instillation that features chocolate smelling bubbles... I want chocolate smelling bubbles for my own house!

"Woman Drinks Coke Instead Of Water For 16 Years", I know understand why Allison wants me to drink Coke 0 and water more often.

The Atlantic has a really interesting article about how junk food and health food are marketed to us, and how   much of this marketing isn't really fair.

Here's a look at Wald Konigsberger Marzipan in Berlin.

New gum themed app uses your jaw bone to help you play a game.

Are you American?  What state are you from?  What's the most famous product that's ever come out of your state?

The great thing about the show Mad Men is how they use real products, including Hershey's.

Speaking of Hershey's, apparently in Canada they just got in a lot of trouble for price fixing.

If you look at the bottom of many food packages in the USA (and other places as well), you might find some random coloured circles.  They mean something.

Last week I posted about some treats that you can only get in the USA because they were dangerous, turns out this list isn't really that relevant at all.

Serious Eats finds out what people want in the center of their Oreo, besides just vanilla cream.

Baking with Kit Kat bars, it sounds like a pretty good idea.

The Huffinton Post decided that Candy Dots was an important enough subject to investigate, we couldn't agree more.

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