Friday, December 05, 2014

Candy In the Media

In an attempt to merge this week's two main themes, Cadbury and Christmas, I searched out Cadbury Christmas commercials.  What I found was pretty interesting.  As it turns out last year was the first time Cadbury had ever produced a commercial for the holiday season.  They've been using print advertising for Christmas for a very long time, as shown by this example:
But this was the first time that they ever produced a commercial for television with a Christmas theme in the more than 180 years that the Cadbury company has been in existence.  You have to give them some credit, television hasn't been around for 180 years.  The first television transmissions didn't start to happen until the 1930s, about 80 or 90 years ago.  Still, Christmas advertising has been a big thing on television for a long time, and it's taken Cadbury, one of the most important global candy brands, many years to come up with a Christmas advertisement.


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