Tuesday, April 06, 2021

We're A Little Delayed This Week

Normally I would post all about our new review on Mondays, but this week I'm posting on Tuesday. Obviously the reason is because Easter was on Monday. I figured it was best to leave the Easter review up for an extra day and keep the theme alive. 

With Covid being a thing, our household started a new Easter tradition that frankly I hope stays around for a while. Rather than going to visit family, or go out enjoying any kind of spring weather, we decided that the best thing to do during this 4 day long weekend is binge watch our DVD collection. We did this while also eating a lot of snacks. The idea was to dig up those DVDs that you never figured we'd actually get around to watching, and crossing them off our list. This meant that we finally finished 24, we finished Bewitched, and while we didn't finish, we got through many episodes of Tabitha, Soap, and the Marry Tyler Moore show. We actually really enjoyed all but one of these shows.

Click here to read the slightly late, but still interesting new candy review.

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